How to Use Drawing Tablet to Hook up to your computer

How to Use Drawing Tablet to Hook up computer

Many new users find it difficult to connect a drawing tablet to a computer. It is a rather simple process. Making an effort in drawing tablet to hook up to computer is quite basic. The new users can just follow some initial pre-defined steps in making drawing tablet to hook up to computer. Mostly drawing tablet to hook up to computer is easier when the user is using Windows operating system.

For laymen, it is important to understand how to install drivers that support the drawing tablet. These drivers are important for the smooth running of operations. There are a few steps that require attention. As far as the user follows them to the dot, the drawing tablet will work just fine as per the requirement. The following are some basics to understand the job at hand.

Installing drivers for drawing tablet and computer hookup

It is imperative that users get their drawing tablets from renowned sources like Veikk. This is because, when you buy a drawing tablet from a well-known company they offer after-sales services and add additional items along with the tablet. By additional items, we are referring to software drivers.

Once the user unboxes the tablet, they need to attach it to a computer system. It is impossible for the tablet to work smoothly until and unless it has fulfilled the requirement of its operations. This is why installing drivers is very important.

Popular drawing tablet brands often provide a CD that serves the purpose of installing the drivers. This disc has all the measures that one needs to take for the tablet to be functional. All you need to do is, insert the driver’s CD into your computer system. As soon as the system detects the presence of drivers, it will automatically prompt a message that asks the user for permission to install them.

In some cases, if the system is unable to detect the inserted disc, the user needs to take other measures. A simple option is to download the required software and drivers online. The user can easily find them on the web using the manufacturer’s website. Locate the specific model of the drawing tablet you bought and install those particular drivers.

From here onwards, the steps are pretty simple. When installing related drivers, the system might prompt a message. This message is to relay to the user that they need to create a connection between the drawing tablets to the computer system whether it is a physical connection or a virtual one.

How to Use Drawing Tablet to Hook up to your computer

Establishing a Physical Connection between a drawing tablet and a computer

As complex as it may sound, establishing a physical connection between a drawing tablet and a computer is pretty simple. It is just like connecting a mobile phone to a charger.

The drawing tablets always come with USB cables. These cables have heads on either end. One needs to go with the drawing tablet while the other end plugs in with the computer. The end that fits into the computer is actually a USB port.

As soon as the system recognizes the attached cable, it encourages the drivers to establish a connection. In order to ensure that a connection has formed, a notification stimulates on the screen for confirmation.

Establishing a Virtual Connection between a drawing tablet and a computer

The latest versions of drawing tablets have options that allow the user to use them as wireless devices. More people are prone to these gadgets that are wireless to reduce the hassle that comes with using cable wires.

For the availing of this wireless option, drawing tablets have Bluetooth connectivity. This allows the tablet to establish a connection with the computer system without any wires and cables. It facilitates the user by letting them operate the tablet with a pen even from a distance. This is more convenient and efficient.

For the tablet to function with accuracy and wirelessly, both the devices must support an active Bluetooth connection. The role of detecting Bluetooth signals is quite important. Without an operational Bluetooth system on both devices, it is virtually impossible to maintain connectivity between the devices.


People who are into working with drawing tablets know the importance of computer systems. They work parallel with the tablets. This mutual relation lets the user achieve desired results. It may seem a daunting task to establish a connection between the two devices. But following a few simple steps is all one needs to accomplish it successfully.

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