How to Use DistillerSR for Systematic Reviews

Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews are essential pieces of research that identify, appraise, and synthesize all relevant studies on a particular topic, especially in the fields of healthcare and education. These studies involve a lot of time and resources, resulting in months, or even years, of work to finish the review.

But with software like DistillerSR, the systematic review process has become faster, more efficient, and more accurate. The systematic review platform comes with a lot of features–to help you navigate through these functionalities and maximize the software, let’s dive into a brief DistillerSR tutorial.

What Is DistillerSR Software?

DistillerSR software is a program designed to help automate key processes in a systematic review. It operates through artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent workflows to lessen the manual labor within the review methodology, which both speeds up the process and lowers the risk of errors, resulting in comprehensive, complete, and audit-ready project results.

How to Use DistillerSR for a Systematic Review

You can use DistillerSR for many different systematic review functions, and it can be used as a primary project management tool to facilitate smooth movement in the pipeline. Here’s an overview of how it can help with systematic reviews:

Literature Searches

DistillerSR allows database integration to help you speed up your literature searches. It can also automatically import newly published work so your review research is always up-to-date. Plus, it can identify and remove any evidence of duplicates.

Reference Screening

DistillerSR’s AI can help you identify relevant references faster and identify conflicts for better resolutions, increasing the overall thoroughness of your research to produce more accurate data and results.

Full-Text Retrieval

With DistillerSR, you can access full-text data sources, which allows you to search and upload documents while leveraging your existing database subscriptions.

Data Extraction

When extracting data, DistillerSR can help clean, convert, and measure data, no matter how complex it may be, and transform that information into easy-to-understand forms and formats for your review.

Case Study Reports and Audits

Reporting is easier with DistillerSR’s automated reporting engines and auto-generated reports. Because the review software can facilitate most steps in the process, everything is tracked for a more comprehensive audit trail.

FAQs About Using DistillerSR

DistillerSR is an easy-to-use platform, but if you’re just starting, you may have a few concerns about how to perform certain functions. Here are some frequently asked questions about using DistillerSR for a systematic review:

How do I assign references in DistillerSR?

Systematic reviews contain many references from various data sources, so it’s important to assign them to properly track where they come from and where they’re used within the review. To do this on DistillerSR, you can use either Tags or Labels so that you can see the source in the Datarama or Review Screen.

How do I upload PDF Case Studies to DistillerSR?

To upload a PDF to a reference on DistillerSR, go to Review > Level > Form, then click on the relevant reference. Click “Actions,” then click “Upload Attachment.” Now, upload your PDF or drag and drop it to the window.

You can also use the Bulk Upload tool (References > Full-Text Documents > Bulk Upload) to upload multiple PDF files (or a ZIP file) at once.


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