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A custom 10×20 tent is a large canopy tent with unique test cases that everyone from high school football teams to restaurant owners bank on for protection and branding. Traditionally, 10×10 is the most popular size for a promotional tent, but interest in a custom 10×20 tent has grown over the past few years. Even a 13×26 canopy, a much bigger sized tent, is also in vogue. This is because the tent has become quite ubiquitous, be it for restaurants that need a bigger canopy for protected outdoor seating or for retail vendors wanting more space at events. 

For many business owners or users, the tent has proved to be of immense value. The large canopy tent can also be customized with your choice of colour and design. Whether you need it for a sporting event or as a trade show display, it often does the job for you. 

When you search for a 10×20 custom tent online, you’re likely to come across plenty of options. But we know that many of our readers would need these tents to stand out. They want to create an experience, which means a basic design isn’t good enough. That’s why today we will tell you about various different ideas through which you can set up a pop up tent.

Police department: A custom tent can be used by the police department for community engagement. A 10×20 pop-up canopy is well-branded with a custom-printed canopy and valance. It is large enough and has plenty of space to include a couple of tables for distributing educational pamphlets, posters and handling sign-ups for community events.

The large tent is also helpful in facilitating multiple separate conversations between deputies and event attendees.

Cross country team: Cross country and track and field teams are one of the most common team tents customers. That’s mostly due to the sheer size of these teams but also because they compete in blaring sun and rain — and typically in big and wide open areas where protection from the wind is essentially a need. The beauty of a custom 10×20 tent is that it provides plenty of flexibility for different footprints. Teams can use one-half of their 10×20 to create an enclosed area with sidewalls and leaves the other half open to allow for a breeze and protection from the sun and any potential weather. One can also invest in a 13×26 canopy with sidewalls and create a number of different footprints depending on the location and weather.

Brand activation: Big multinational companies often use a big size tent to promote their brand. They customize the canopy according to their need, and design and colour the pop-up tent as per the theme of the event to promote their business. The promotional canopy helps businesses to build a brand recognition among people.

Playing video games outdoors: It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it to say that you are going outside to play video games. But we have seen a surge in these activities in recent years. Many video game enthusiasts and competitors love to vie with each other and many businesses are trying to commercialise this enthusiasm. So they install a large 13×26 canopy or custom 10×20 tent to invite all gamers to showcase their skills. The tent is a basic setup but it’s the perfect footprint for a handful of tables, TVs, and gaming consoles.

Brewery tent: If you’re serving craft beers, it’s ideal to go for a larger footprint, like a 10×20 or 13×26. It allows for more taps and kegs and that means more patrons will line up at your tent. This, in turn, will help in increasing the revenue of your business.

Trade shows: Traditionally, the 10×10 trade show tent has been the perfect product for any trade show, flea market, or other large vendor event. This was also because these small-sized tents were easy to install. But we are now seeing a change in that trend. 

Large outdoor tents like custom 10×20 tent or 13×26 canopy are quite in demand because they give you more space to fit products and customers. And unlike previous occasions, they don’t come with any hassles. Tents for fairs and other exhibitions can be heavier than they look, especially when they are condensed and folded up. But, if you are a one-to-two-person operation, then any tent other than a small one may simply be too heavy and complicated to transport on your own. 

But these days, a large tent can be easily transported in whatever vehicle you use for transporting your vendor goods. You’ll also be able to easily store your tent after your event, rather than worrying about finding a large enough space to accommodate an oversized tent. That’s why larger-sized tents have become popular for trade shows.


You might be feeling inspired after going through these ideas of how to use a custom 10×20 canopy but let us tell you one more thing. When it comes to finding the perfect pop-up canopy tent for your trade show vendor booth or other occasions, always opt for a good quality product. This will help in drawing customers and people to your booth and that’s what you have been looking for, isn’t it?

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