How To Use Boss Track to Track Your BSC Portfolio

One of the more frustrating aspects of DeFi crypto is the difficulty of seeing the day-to-day changes in your portfolio’s performance. It is quite tedious to pair your crypto assets on BSC to stablecoins, which is why Boss Track aims to make this easier.

BossTrack is a handy tool as it gives users a free way to track their BSC portfolio in real-time amongst other chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Cronos, and Polygon. To use Boss Track is simple, all you have to do is connect your wallet by copying and pasting the wallet address into the site, and it begins tracking the profits and losses of your wallet!

Boss Track is currently beta, however, already works well for what it is intended – a quick and easy dashboard for users to track their BSC portfolio amongst other web3 chains.

DeFi portfolio tracking is one of the new areas of web3 that has seen development with dApp sites like Zerion, Apeboard and now Boss Track it seems that the industry is moving towards a more user-friendly direction.

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