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How to Use an Electric Chainsaw in Simple and Easy Steps in 2022


Electrical chainsaws are dynamic tools that can help you in the easy cutting of wood and less strenuous work. They are lightweight, easy to use, and durable, have outstanding performance, and are portable. The motor is power up by any electric source and can be use in places where electricity is readily available. They can be either cord or battery powered all according to your convenience. 

This electric tool offers a convenient way to cut small trees, trim branches, and shape up your garden. They are not costly, provide heavy-duty, and do not need high maintenance. A power saw is usually quiet and does not produce a disturbingly loud noise, providing a noise pollution-free environment. In this article you’ll learn how to use an electric chainsaw. 

Safety first

Even though this best chainsaw tool is easy to turn on and off, it has the same level of danger as a gas chainsaw. So, safety is important before its usage. Learn more about safety procedures in the following steps:

  • For personal protection, the equipment you need is the same as any other chainsaw usage. 
  • Wear a safety helmet for head protection. It is important to do so because while cutting trees, branches or debris can fall on your head anytime. 
  • Wear protective gloves to keep your hands safe. They should be cut-resistant for extra safety. 
  • Foot protection shoes must be worn to protect you from getting cuts or avoid crushing of feet. 
  • Eye protection goggles must be worn, and if you are using them for a longer duration then the noise can harm your hearing, wear a protective headset. 
  • Do not touch the tip of the bar or pinch the chain with wood to avoid kickbacks. Inspect the wood for foreign objects before cutting.
  • If you’re outside in hot and sunny weather, wear sunscreen on skin areas that are exposed to sunlight. 
  • Wear protective clothing that can protect you from any potential electric hazards and injuries.

Before starting the electric chainsaw check for preoperational safety points. Ensure all the guards are fitted, secure and functional. Make sure the machine and extension cord are tagging along with your movements and not all jumbled up with each other. 

The most important parts of an electric chainsaw are the chain guard and the chain brake. Make sure they are functioning well. The chain should be sharp and correctly maintained, and the size of the chain teeth provides information about how much it will cut within one round. 

Now, let’s proceed to the operation and controls of this power saw to ensure you learn to use the chainsaw and become familiar with it. Follow the steps and you’ll be able to learn how to use an electric chainsaw step by step. 

Step 1– You must check the chain tension; it should not be loosened or it can damage the chain as well as can easily fall off while moving at high speed. Each chainsaw varies in this procedure, so if you are not sure if the tension is correct or not, read the manual instructions and see how to do it. 

However, the general way to check is to pull the chain down below the guide bar so that the two lines are uneven and then release it. The tension in the chain will be correct if it goes back to its original position.

If the chain does not go back and hangs down, then the chain is too loose, and if you are having difficulty in pulling the chain down and it doesn’t go below the guide bar, then it is too tight. 

Step 2– Know the length of your chainsaw to determine how long of a cut you can make or need. For example, if you have a 15-inch bar chainsaw, the longest range you can commute without needing to turn the tool is 15 inches.

Step 3– Properly lubricate your electric machine with the correct oil. The oil for chainsaw usage differs for each model, so read the manual to know what type of oil your chainsaw is compatible with. Since it is the same as an engine, the wrong type of oil can damage your chainsaw. 

Before turning it on each time, make sure the oil reservoir is full so that it can lubricate the engine well. If your chainsaw has a manual chain oiler then you will see a bulb lightening up every 30 or more seconds, indicating that you have to lubricate the engine while working. Many electric chainsaws have an automatic chain oiler that works on its own to provide lubrication to the chain.  

Step 4– Connect the power cord to an outlet that is functional and is used often. If you do not have a long cord, you can also buy an extension for a longer range of work. You can also plug the cord into an electric generator to provide an electric source and make it portable. Prevent pull-in and pushback due to uneven or short cord. 

Many electric chainsaws use power batteries, make sure they are expendable and renewed to prevent a mid-way shutting down of the chainsaw. 

Step 5– You will see a safety lock button on your power saw. So, before starting it push and hold the button to shift it into operational mode. 

After the safety lock is shifted, press the on/trigger button to activate the chainsaw. You have to keep a firm grip on the handle of the tool and use both hands for convenience. When the chainsaw starts spinning, ensure that you have no contact with the chainsaw engine and maintain a proper balance to secure a proper foothold. 

Step 6– Start cutting while the chain is spinning; press and hold to start a cut. Keep steady pressure but make sure not to push in forcefully. Let the chainsaw cut through and not the force of your arms. Apply constant pressure when you reach the middle. While reaching toward the end, ease the pressure to make a clean and safe end cut. 

If it feels like the chainsaw is not cutting through properly and you have to use extra force, then you might need to check if the chainsaw is dull and in need of sharpening. Release the button to deactivate and stop the spinning of the chainsaw. 

Step 7- Repeat step 6 until the work needed is completed and then turn off the power switch of the electric saw. Remove the cord from the power outlet and then from the tool. Let it cool down. The cooling time for a chainsaw can range from 10-15 minutes. But to avoid getting an accidental burn, wait for at least 20 minutes before touching the blade or the motor. 

Step 8– Clean the blades of chainsaw from any residual dirt or debris to keep it a functional tool. Lubricate slightly to protect blades from erosion. Safely remove the blade and store it in a clean place. If the blade is not detachable then wrap it properly with its sheath or cover to prevent exposure to the environment and corrosion of the blades. 

Where to use an electrical chainsaw?

This tool is beneficial in cutting easy and simple tasks like removing tree branches, pruning tree extremities, cutting bushes, and shaping them. Since they are easy to use and lightweight, they can be used in higher trees. 

To cut small trees around your yard without much force, this power saw is quicker and easier to use. 

A power chainsaw is relatively easier, lightweight, less noisy, easier maintenance, and cost-effective for people who want to use it for quicker and smaller tasks.  


What can an electric chainsaw cut through?

It depends on the type of work you need to do. There are electric chainsaws for each category of light duty, mid-range duty, and commercial chainsaw usage.  

Are power chainsaws safer?

They are easier to handle and carry. They cause less pollution and noise. However, potential hazards and injuries can happen, so it is appropriate to read instructions and learn the electrical chainsaw usage.

What to do if my electrical chainsaw becomes too hot?

If you feel like it is giving off heat, turn off the switch and detach the power source, remove the cord and place it in a safe place to let it cool down for about 20 minutes. You must not touch the blade directly.  


The usage of electrical tools is quite popular when you have to do work quicker and easier. Learn how to use an electric chainsaw before starting it and after using it keep it in a safe and clean place.  Remember to follow safety procedures to prevent any injuries and stay safe!


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