How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon: 2 Simplest Ways!

Whether it’s a holiday or someone’s birthday, the question “what to gift” made many of you scratch your heads. But instead of sifting through the market to find an appropriate gift, why not just gift an Amazon gift card? Like, just load the card with the balance you were going to spend for that gift and gift it to the recipient. Doesn’t it sound easy and effective? though, just make sure you let the recipient know how to use a visa gift card on Amazon so he/she can redeem it conveniently. 

For convenience, you can use an Amazon gift card on both the Amazon website and the app. Not just that, after redeeming you can also find out how much balance you have left with on it.

The News & Views website also covered the complete guide on it.  To learn where to get and how to use a visa gift card on Amazon, follow the guide. 

How to use a visa gift card on the Amazon website:

Since many people don’t download the apps and directly purchase products from the website, we will start with the Amazon website. However, both, the app and website are equally convenient to redeem a gift card. 

  • Go to Amazon’s website and log in. 
  • Now hover your pointer over the “Account and List” 
  • Find “Gift Card Balance” in the “Your Account” section and click
  • A window will open and show you your current gift card balance (if any) and another option, “Redeem a Gift Card” to use a new gift card. 
  • Select “Redeem a Gift Card” and enter the code you will get with it. 

Tip: If you set up an “Auto-reload” option, you can instantly recharge your gift card and will never run out of money. 

  • Go back to the “Gift Card Balance” page and select “Set-up Auto-reload” 

There’s another simpler way to redeem your Amazon gift card. Just add all the items you want to buy in your cart and move to the checkout page. There when you scroll down you will get an option to add a voucher or gift card. Type your gift card code and then click apply. Your purchase will automatically be charged from your gift card. 

How to use a gift card on the Amazon app:

People who often buy via phones find apps convenient for small purchases. For those, we have listed a series of steps to use a gift card on Amazon’s app. Whether it is Android or IOS, the process will work for both. 

  • Open Amazon’s app on your phone and tap the three lines at the right bottom. 
  • Now select “Account” and scroll down.
  • Under the “Payment” section, find “Manage Gift Card Balance” and tap on it. 
  • Now you will land on a page where you can redeem your gift card and add more balance to the existing one. 
  • Activate your new gift card by entering its code in the given space. 

Tip: Just like on Amazon’s website you activate the Auto reload set up to add balance to your gift card automatically. You can do a similar thing here as well so that your gift card will never run out of balance. 

Also, you can directly redeem your voucher or gift card at the checkout page. Just add the code in the given space on the checkout page and your purchase will be charged from the gift card. 

3 Types of Amazon Gift Cards:

Amazon provides three different gift card options to choose from. Each of them is slightly different from the other. Check out how they work and when they are used. 

1. Amazon eGift Card:

As the name suggests, it’s an electronic gift card or virtual gift card that can be sent via text or email. 

How it works:

  • Purchase an eGift card from Amazon’s website
  • Select the amount you want to add to the gift card from the given suggestions ($24, $50, $75, $100, $150) or enter a custom amount. 
  • Select a recipient, enter his/her email or contact number. You can send many gift cards to several people at once. 
  • Type a message and set a dispatch date, it will be valid for one year. 
  • Your recipient will get the card 5 minutes after the purchase. 

Tip: If you buy Amazon gift cards in bulk, you will get a discount on them via Amazon’s incentive program. 

Note: The gift card balance cannot exceed $2000. 

2. Printable Gift Cards:

Amazon provides a printable gift card option for those who want to gift the card in person. 

How it works:

  • Head to Amazon’s website and buy a printable gift card of your choice.
  • You will get two options: “Standard” or “Your Photo”. If you want to add your picture or recipient’s to the gift card, select the latter option. 
  • Now select the amount or enter a custom amount but it should not be more than $2000. 
  • Add a message by typing it in the given space.
  • Select quantity and checkout. 

After order completion, you will receive a pdf file of your gift card to email to the recipient or print out. 

3. Amazon Mail Gift Card:

Amazon mail gift card is truly the best gift to send to your loved ones on different occasions. It comes in several packaging designs for every occasion. 

How it works:

  • Head to Amazon’s website and select a packaging design as per the occasion. 
  • Select the amount for your gift card.
  • Write a custom message (if you want to)
  • Provide the shipping details of the recipient.

Your Amazon mail gift card will be delivered to the recipient within a day or two. 


Using a gift card on Amazon is as easy as buying any product from its website. All you need to do is just enter the code of your card on the checkout page and you are good to go. Not just that, Amazon provides several gift card-related options for their customers’ convenience. For instance, you can add more balance to the card by auto-reload setting. Also, you can check the remaining balance anytime you want.

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