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How To Update Kitchen Lighting Fixtures For A Modern Look

The kitchen is the place where half of the time is spent cooking food or dealing with all the meal accessories. That’s why the kitchen must be fully functional and updated with the latest lights. In this article, lighting is the important thing to consider to enhance the design or to lighten up the entire kitchen. A good plan lightens up the entire kitchen and its decorated areas and makes the entire architecture unique and stylish. 

A well-lit kitchen just not only helps in preparing the food but also enhances cooking visibility. Updating older lights with new ones can give a modern refresh to the kitchen. These modern light fixtures help to enhance the overall feel and look of the kitchen. In this article, we explain the entire step-by-step process of How to update kitchen lighting fixtures for a modern look. This guide helps to improve your kitchen appearance. 

Tips To Update Kitchen Lighting Fixtures 

Before upgrading to new lighting, it’s better to understand the existing lighting situation. Then introduce new lighting fixtures that match your kitchen environment. Must ensure that these advanced lighting consist of ergonomic design having clean lines with innovative styles and unique functionality. The most famous options are track lighting, pendant lights and recessed lighting fixtures. 

It is easy to customize according to your kitchen’s environment. You can use matte black, brushed nickel or polished chrome to increase the beauty of your kitchen. LED Lighting is one of the energy-efficient options to eliminate the entire kitchen by reducing energy consumption. 

Assess Current Lighting

It is important to assess the current lighting situation, its placement and distribution through the kitchen. Understand the type and nature of existing lighting like task, ambient and accent lighting and ensure whether it meets the requirement or not. The quality of the light must be moderate. It is neither too harsh nor too dim. The most important thing is its compatibility. 

Switch off The Power

Safety is the first concern while installing the light fixture. Ensure that the power supply is properly switched off. Use a voltage tester to double-check whether the electricity is completely turned off or the current is still flowing through the circuit. If you are unsure about the exact fixture, switch off all fixtures. 

Never turn on the power supply until the installation does not get completed. Once you have cut off your wiring in the kitchen, it’s time to remove all the outdated lighting fixtures so that new ones can easily be installed in those specific areas. 

Remove decorative fixture pieces

Remove all the detachable parts from the existing fixtures like glass light covers, light bulbs or shades. Moreover, you have to remove the canopy plate used as a decoration piece to cover the ceiling or wall to access the wiring by unscrewing it. If the fixture is complex and consists of lots of wires, it’s better to get assistance from the technician in Kitchen renovation near me to complete the process. 

Measure And Cut Wires

For the new fixtures in the kitchen, you have proper measurements of the cut wires. You must know very well where the old connection is attached. Double-check the power supply by using a tester. You can use the wire cutter to trim the wires slightly longer than the size. 

Use the tape measure to measure the wire and mark the cutting area if you need more wire for the new installation. Once you have cut the wire accurately, attach it to the new light fixture. You must take care of your safety during this entire process.

Swap Hardware Plates

The new lighting fixture comes with complete instructions. Read the instructions carefully to reduce the challenges faced during the process. These instructions are provided to facilitate installing the older one to the new one. 

When you install a new mounting bracket, ensure that the wire is threaded through the new plate. It is important to reconnect all these wires to the new one. Must ensure that the new lighting fixture must be compatible with the older one. 

Connect Wires

Find the wire from the wall or ceiling and attach the wires of two colors black and red. Now fix these wires to the new light fixture. Twist the wire together safely. You can enhance safety by covering the connections with wire nuts. 

Use the wire nut or grounding screw to connect the ground wire to the green wire or bare copper. Tuck these connected wires into the electrical box. Double-check the connection whether they are properly tight and secured. 

Install & Assemble

Follow the instructions about the fixture and push these wires together into the electrical box. It’s time to reattach the light bulbs. Furthermore, the LED+ line is the ideal lighting solution to illuminate the kitchen. 

Turn on Electricity

Once the new lighting fixture is completely installed, the final step is to turn on the switch to check whether it is working properly or not. If the fixture does not work, you have to analyze the complete system again.


Upgrading the old lighting fixtures to the new stylish kitchen lighting fixture increases the beauty and look of the kitchen. You can enhance your kitchen appearance by following the above-provided method. Must ensure that never overstep the process for a successful installation. 

This modern light increases your home’s value in your surroundings with minimum cost. Take care of your kitchen with regular maintenance when needed and increase the longevity of your new lighting fixture. 

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