How to Transport Senior Citizens up the Stairs in Philadelphia?

Transport Senior Citizens

We are all aware that getting older has its share of issues and difficulties, including mobility issues, poor depth perception, and difficulty climbing stairs. For example, multi-story homes for them are gorgeous and roomy but at the same time they can be difficult for the elderly or crippled and force them to stay on one floor.

So the question comes in front of us is how to transport senior citizens up the stairs? Well, if you’re someone dealing with the same issues and looking forward to knowing the answers, then we are here with the solution that is: By the installation of Stairlifts. Yes you read it right as installing a Super Glide stair lift for the elderly is a quick and easy way to address the danger and issue presented by the stairs.

What Is A Stairlift?

A motorised chair known as a stair lift glides along a rail that is firmly fastened to your stairs. A stair lift is designed to make it easier for people who have problems ascending steps to access the upper or lower level of their house or outdoor space. There are several various types of stair lifts, including straight rail, curved rail, indoor, and outdoor. For people who have trouble climbing stairs but can still stand and carry weight, this tool is fantastic. They can, however, also help wheelchair users who have enough upper body strength to help with a transfer from the wheelchair to a lift.

Features Of A Stairlift

The features of stairlifts vary widely. The one you choose to purchase ought to be ideal for your requirements. But these are the characteristics that are often found in all stair lifts.

Adjustable Seat Height: This helps you change the seat’s height to suit your needs. The seat’s adjustable height makes it easier for elderly and disabled people to slide out of wheelchairs and onto it when sitting or getting off of it.

Call Stations: This button is often positioned away from the chair at the top and bottom of the stair lift rail. When there are multiple users of the chair, it is very helpful to call the chair up or down.

Key Switch: The key switch is a crucial component of the stairlift. The lift is entirely immobilised after the key is removed, preventing the kids from abusing it.

One Step Folding: Having this capability spares you from having to manually fold the chair when it’s not in use. When activated, this button instantly unfolds or opens the chair.

Seatbelts: One of the main concerns is how to use lift stairs securely. Therefore, the risk of falling off the chair is removed because all stairlifts are equipped with seatbelts. 

Perfect Solution For Elderly People To Get Rid Of Stair Fall

  • Self Sufficient

Seniors can access every aspect of their houses independently thanks to stairlifts. Most seniors either can’t afford the cost of hiring caretakers or would rather not. Studies have proven that keeping your independence as you age is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

  • Safety

Age-related increases in fall risk make falls the primary cause of injury-related death in persons 65 and older. With the use of stairlifts, elderly people with mobility issues can securely ascend and descend stairs without having to worry about falling.

  • Affordable Solution

You may be surprised to learn how affordable stair lifts are. Indoor stairlifts are typically less expensive than outdoor versions. For outdoor stairlifts to function in any conditions, they must include additional characteristics. They are typically made of materials that are watertight and/or rust-resistant.

Bottom Line

Overall stair lifts might be an inexpensive purchase and they can also be a crucial tool for maintaining independence as we age in place or your elders. Therefore if you’re looking forward to getting a Stairlift, Stair Ride is the finest site to buy stairlifts in Philadelphia

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