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How to transfer photos from Samsung to mac

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Your Mac won’t instantly mount an Android device, unlike a PC. You must utilize an application or modify specific settings on both the Mac and Android (Samsung) to transfer any files, including photos. Using this technique, you may access more file formats and transfer photos from Samsung to mac. It won’t matter whether you have a Samsung S6, S7, or S8 since they are mostly universal.


MacDroid software resolves interoperability problems between Android and Mac.

The file movement across Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad to Mac, or vice versa, is effortless. Data synchronization and backup across these items are also a breeze using iTunes. File transfers are made simple by using Airdrop and iCloud capabilities.

The same cannot be true of Mac and Android compatibility. Even anything as simple as transferring an image file requires overcoming several obstacles. The MacDroid program, undoubtedly the finest method to share photographs from Android to Mac, enters the picture.

The best method for transferring pictures from an Android device to a Mac is MacDroid. In addition to having several capabilities that set it apart from other products that make the same claims, it is also quite user-friendly.

Depending on your needs, you may choose between MTP and ADB modes (these are connection modes) since MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) makes it simpler to navigate a storage device and many people like it.

The MacDroid program is easy to use, and it just takes a few seconds to transfer photographs from an Android device to a Mac (depending on the size of the images, of course).



An exclusive Android and MTP drive mounting app is called MacDroid. Your Samsung device will show up in Finder rather than utilizing its interface, allowing you to use it just like a flash drive by copying, moving, and deleting data as you usually would. Macdroid is the best android file transfer alternative.

The ADB mounting method, which uses Android Debug capabilities to transmit several files simultaneously, is also supported by MacDroid. Because of its brief, valuable lessons, you can use the program without looking for user manuals online.


How to Use MacDroid to Transfer Pictures from a Samsung Device to a Mac

  • Launch MacDroid after installing it.
  • Select “MTP Mode” and hit “Next” on the MacDroid window.
  • The MacDroid uses MTP mode.
  • A pop-up window should appear on your phone. Choose “File transfer” using it.
  • In MacDroid, choose your phone and press “Mount.”
  • Utilize Finder to access your files, including photos.


What Are the Top Perks of MacDroid 

This app’s ability to transfer files across your Android and Mac devices—which macOS often does not support—is one of its key advantages. Check out the following details if you want to learn more about its features:


  1. Relocate the whole folder

You may use MacDroid to move whole directories and individual photographs, movies, and music files between your Mac and an Android smartphone. The most recent documentation is always available on your devices, thanks to the ability to transfer whole files between your Mac and Android.

  1. Not Requiring Special Cables

With MacDroid, all you need is a USB cable—no additional cables or other complex solutions are required. You may access the content of your Android smartphone straight from the Finder after you attach it to your Mac through a USB cord.

  1. Backs up Every MTP Device

As you are aware, MTP is not supported by Mac computers by default, but you may transfer data between any MTP device and a Mac computer with the help of the MacDroid program.

  1. Mac File Editing for Android

With MacDroid, you can view and modify files without moving them between an Android device and a Mac. You don’t even need to upload your Android files to a Mac computer to modify them with MacDroid. You can edit the Android file on a Mac using MacDroid, and any changes you make will be preserved in the actual Android device.

  1. Access music and TV shows wherever you are.

Suppose you want to view brand-new episodes offline on your smartphone; MacDroid will transfer them from your computer. Additionally, you may move your preferred tunes from a Mac to an Android device or vice versa and listen to music wherever you are.


How to Use Android Assistant to Transfer Photos from a Samsung Device to a Mac

Use the Samsung to Mac Transfer program:  Android Assistant for Mac (or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Windows PC users) to transfer images from Samsung to Mac (or PC) computer for local backup to safeguard better the pictures you’ve shot with your Samsung mobile phone. This software makes the data transfer process from an Android handset to your PC very simple. You can quickly and efficiently accomplish this with just one click.

Take a look at the other capabilities the Coolmuster Android Assistant offers:

  • Store contacts, SMS, call logs, pictures, music, apps, eBooks, and other data from Samsung and other Android phones on a PC or Mac
  • Add contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, applications, and more to an Android phone, including a Samsung handset.
  • Backup and restore all Samsung files with a single click to a Mac or PC
  • On a computer, you can delete, add, unduplicated, and edit data from a Samsung phone.


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