How To Trade Cryptocurrency Automatically For Beginners

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Cryptocurrency or crypto trading refers to speculating on cryptocurrency price fluctuations using a contract for difference (CFD) trading account or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. CFD trading is a sort of derivative that allows you to wager on the price movements of Bitcoin (BTC) without owning the underlying currencies.

There are various techniques in terms of how to trade cryptocurrencies. However, one must first have a thorough understanding of the subject to begin trading cryptocurrencies. It is also crucial to understand the risks and regulations that may apply depending on one’s jurisdiction to make decisions accordingly.

One of the most common ways of cryptocurrency trading is automated crypto trading. Automated trading allows you to trade cryptocurrencies without having to keep an eye on your computer. Algorithms are used in automated trading to buy and sell your cryptocurrency at specific moments. Trades can be made after a crypto analysis based on asset price, technical indications, or the proportion of value in your portfolio (rebalancing), depending on your selected automated trading method.

Automated cryptocurrency trading is an excellent choice if you don’t have time to trade cryptocurrencies and don’t want to purchase and hold them. There are several automated trading systems, each with unique features and trading tactics.

What is Automated Crypto Trading?

Automatic software that trades cryptocurrencies for you is an automated crypto trading platform. To use an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, you must create an online account with a trading bot and then choose a trading strategy.

Once you’ve chosen an automatic trading bot, the program will purchase and sell your bitcoin for you according to the software’s criteria. APIs are used by the majority of automated crypto trading algorithms. API trading bots act as an intermediary, trading on another exchange on your behalf.

Automated trading bots that work on the blockchain are the newest and most secure form of automated crypto trading. Tokenized crypto trading leverages smart contracts on the blockchain rather than a website or API. Smart contracts are codes that conduct financial operations on their own, and they’re usually uploaded to Ethereum’s network because it’s the most popular cryptocurrency that supports them.

What are Automated Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots mean what they sound like: programmable virtual robots (bots) that execute automated trades. A human trader can design a trading bot to obey specific rules and trade-specific strategies. As market circumstances change, a bot can send indications to its user or automatically execute trades.

Because it enables several deals to be executed fast and relies on computer algorithms to obey pre-set rules, this sort of trading is also known as “high-frequency trading” or “Algo trading.” In the United States, high-frequency trading accounts for 50% of all equities trading. While comparable data on crypto markets is yet to be gathered, a large amount of trade activity on most cryptocurrency exchanges is likely to be done by bots.

How do Crypto Trading Bots work?

When specified circumstances are met, a crypto trading bot can execute trades automatically by communicating directly with a cryptocurrency exchange and executing buy or sell orders. Bots, in essence, make judgments based on technical indicators, which are mathematically based on price movements.

Trading bots work in various ways when it comes to the user interface.  Some come with a plug-in for the trader’s web browser to engage with the bot. Others have standard operating-system clients that are available as free downloads. Some are in the form of cryptocurrency exchange-specific software.

Is it Legal?

Across most financial markets, automated trading is a well-known and legitimate activity. For example, in the United States, half of all stock market deals are automated, and the procedure is entirely legal. Similarly, there are no restrictions prohibiting the use of crypto trading bots in most countries or on most cryptocurrency exchanges. However, because cryptocurrency rules and regulations are constantly changing, it’s a good idea for investors to brush up on current crypto trading rules before plunging into automatic trading.

How to choose a Crypto Trading Bot?

When selecting a cryptocurrency trading bot, investors should consider the following factors:

  • What is the bot’s level of complexity? It’s critical to ensure you understand and can effectively use the bot’s technology.
  • What tactics does the bot employ? This is important for investors with a specific preference, such as arbitrage.
  • If you’re a beginner or new to trading with bots, starting with a bot that comes pre-programmed with existing tactics can be a good idea.
  • Make sure all fees are explained clearly and upfront, with no surprises.
  • Check out the team behind a particular bot’s development. Examine whether they provide contact information, have a support team, and have a profile on their website.
  • It’s all about word of mouth. Check out the opinions of others on the platform.


Trading bots are the best way for a beginner to start crypto trading. A bot can send alerts to its user or trade for them automatically and quickly. A crypto trading bot can also take the emotion out of cryptocurrency trading, which is typically riskier than traditional investing.

A crypto trading bot can be profitable when used correctly and under the right conditions. When placing a high number of orders in a short period, profits can be made by squeezing out little gains on each trade. Losses, on the other hand, can be built swiftly.

Crypto trading bots were created to work around any physical or computational restrictions that people may have. Bots monitor pricing, never get tired, have no emotions, and hurry. It may make dozens of trades 24 hours, far more than most active day traders. Signals, technical indicators, and trading bot methods will all be used by many crypto bots. However, remember that each cryptocurrency bot has its fee structure and list of compatible coins and brokerages.

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