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How to Survive Your First Term in Engineering College

Engineering is a subject many people shudder at and deciding to take up engineering for your major is a big deal!

If you are passionate about the subject and decide to go to engineering college, you are in for a long, hectic, and crazy journey.

Many engineering students find it extremely stressful to keep up with their studies and a few even end up dropping out because of immense stress.

It is possible to have a healthy college life even if you study engineering as long as you are smart about your routine.

Make A Study Schedule

As an engineering student, you will have plenty to study which is why it is important to schedule and organize your work.

Read through your course syllabus for the term and devise a schedule that will give you enough time to cover all the portions.

You should make a list of the topics you find difficult to understand or study so you can allocate more time for them. For example, if you find numerical problems or algorithms difficult make sure you spend some time on them every day.

Try out different studying strategies until you find one which works the best for you.

Eat A Balanced Diet

When people graduate high school and start engineering college, there is usually a huge difference in their eating habits as they move out of the home.

Since engineering is a time-consuming course, students try to find the easiest meals they can make and eat. They end up eating unhealthy instant meals and junk foods.

Poor dietary habits can affect your health. If you fall sick you will end up missing important classes. You will have to find time and resources to learn concepts on your own.

Make sure you nourish yourself and eat at least three balanced meals every day.

Get Help If Necessary

It is natural to get overwhelmed with all the theorems and concepts you have to figure out and the assignments you have to submit within the deadlines.

Make use of all the help you can get because without a doubt you will need it.

Ask your professors for help if you are not able to grasp a certain subject or topic. Take advantage of extra study material, tools and resources that are available online.

Going through these tips for college students will help you get through your semester without any bumps.

Know Your Classmates

Don’t confine yourself to a room and study all day just because you are an engineering student.

Interacting with your classmates is what will keep you energized and sane since all of you are going through the same thing. 

You can create study groups and this will make studying and working on assignments less boring. You will feel motivated when you have other people working with you.

Having a strong support network will help you survive your first term so don’t hesitate to start mingling!


As simple as it sounds, engineering students have the habit of pulling many all-nighters or staying up till 4 am to commit to assignment deadlines.

Engineering is tough but doesn’t sacrifice your sleep every day to survive it.

If you have a proper schedule and stick to it, getting eight hours of sleep is not impossible.

Avoid procrastinating and working on your submissions right before the deadline. You will risk losing your sleep which will make you feel all the worse the next day.

Study smart and cut down on your coffee consumption!

Allocate Time For Leisure

Taking breaks is allowed for engineering students as well!

Leisure time will help you clear your mind and get away from all the complicated calculus problems and algorithms for a while.

Allocate some time once a week to go out with your friends, watch a movie or do a hobby you like.


If you want to pursue an engineering course, don’t be afraid to go for it. As long as you are prepared to work hard and be consistent with your assignments, you’ll do well.

Once you get used to the daily grind, things will naturally get easier. 

So don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do it!


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