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How to survive in a fragile economy?

Fragile economy

In a fragile economy there is inflation which is uncontrollable, and the currency gets continuously depreciated. This situation is horrible, and it is very difficult to become financially stable. People in living in this type of economy must save and invest cautiously. You need to make a long-term strategy to sustain yourself.

Problems in a fragile economy

Multiple problems are faced in a fragile economy. If action not taken immediately then these problems caused anarchy in the society. This anarchy is due to the tension, depression, and anxiety that expenses do not meet and there is no saving. Brain drains also take place in this situation.

The following problems are faced in a fragile economy.

  • Salary will not be enough as expenses becomes uncontrollable.
  • Medicine prices goes up very fast.
  • Items prices will not be stable. They will keep on increasing.
  • It becomes difficult for the middle-class people to survive.
  • The poor people get poorer.
  • Competent and young generation immigrates to other countries for better opportunities.
  • There is a sort of restlessness in the society.

What do to in fragile economy?

It takes time to settle down an economy and approximately 3-8 years would be needed. Nobody can’t wait for that amount of time and immediate action would be needed. A layman is not responsible for the economy, and he cannot set the economy. It has 2 options.

Immigrate or Work abroad

Due to financial issues most of the people moves abroad to get financial freedom. You need to have some sort of plan or job or enough saving to sustain in other country.

 This decision is also tuff as in abroad you have to work 12 to 14 hours a day , there is a different environment and you have built yourself from start.  If you are working abroad and your family is in your mother country, then it is also a very cumbersome decision. 

Moving abroad with family is also not an easy task. A considerable amount is required and once you move abroad then the whole family works to get a sustainable financial position.

Make caution decisions

If you can’t move abroad then you must fight with this inflation and depreciation of currency. Please note that the financial freedom cannot be achieve in day or month, it will take years but eventually you will succeed if you work hard. The following measure you should take to get financial freedom.

  • Try to minimize your expenditure as minimum as possible and spend cautiously. Do not get greedy or miserly or spendthrift.
  • Learn any extra skill to generate passive income. Please note that the passive income is not an easy income. You must spend considerable time and show some patience. The passive income must be in the foreign currency so that it will lower your financial burden and cover the inflation.
  • Always save money in tangible assets. Gold is a very good tangible asset, and it is also available at lower price.
  • Do not stick to single asset. Always broaden your assets list.
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