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 Modern-day Internet is a universe of its own. It opens a portal to unlimited knowledge, inspiring stories, and content of all sorts. The last decades of its development have redefined the way people communicate globally more than the previous Millenium. But the digital age we live in is not all about progress. The freedom of browsing over the web without any issues is becoming a luxury. Various restrictions gradually imposed by governments lead to a rapid increase in demand for VPN services and solutions designed to overcome such obstacles. Is it way too sophisticated to use by ordinary users? How to protect your identity online while being able to view applications anonymously?

 The core of a problem

Access to the Internet is becoming more and more widespread. The global digital population in April 2020 amounted to over 4.57 billion users in total – an astonishing number, considering that this figure was estimated at 1 billion back in 2005! Subsequently, global mobile data traffic is set to surpass 77 exabytes per month in 2022, up from 11.5 exabytes per month as of 2017! We’re on the way to digital life. 

At the same time, Global Mobily VPN Report 2019 indicates that VPN apps were installed almost 500 million times worldwide during the 2019 – a 54% year-over-year increase! We see that alongside the rise of user numbers, the demand for free Internet browsing grows even more significantly. 

In 2020, demand only grows further. VPN usage has surged during the coronavirus crisis, increasing 160 % in Italy and 124 % in the U.S. during the two weeks between March 8 and March 22, 2020, only! 

To protect against any potential unrest, some of the world’s leading governments have started to censor and restrict Web access. The sad reality is that nearly two-thirds of world users do not have the liberty of enjoying free Internet. Various forms of censorship are implemented: either keeping all the users in line by an established and tightly controlled sandbox – following China’s or North Korea’s way – o simply blocking various web pages or online services that are considered harmful to citizens (many countries do that). 

Moreover, the Internet business also suffers on various levels from such restrictions. Global companies are cut out of potential clientele (Facebook is still unavailable to users in China, for example). Next, organizations and brands that operate in such a hostile environment with Internet restrictions are being reduced in their potential capacity without access to service providers and suppliers. Taking all this into account, engaging in the race with other market competitors on a global scale becomes a mission impossible. 

Breaking free with VPNs 

Imagine the day when the Internet is an ocean free of borders again. No more blockings, no more restrictions: country or content-dependant. We can speak without any doubt that privacy and digital freedom are slowly becoming top concerns for users and companies and not only for the blackhat hackers or darknet traders. 

Having free, convenient, and untraceable access to the World Web is a primary destiny for many. VPN usage has many benefits in various use cases: when one uses a public Wi-Fi network, even one that’s password-protected is not totally secure – a VPN becomes your best friend. Next, many employers require a VPN to access company services remotely, for security reasons. Then again, after the C19 outbreak, the need for reliable decentralized solutions only increased. A VPN can help you when traveling to countries where major social media like Facebook or job-related websites like LinkedIn are blocked. 

Solutions such as NordVPN, INinja, TunnelBear, CyberGhost, and others allow mainstream users to overcome issues associated with blockings to get to their destinations. 

For example, iNinja is a virtual private network designed to protect Web users. When one connects to the Internet, the system allows a user to securely hide his IP-address by encrypting Internet activity (traffic) from third parties. The simple-to-use interface helps to dive in fast and easy, choosing the desired IP address country.

As we further dive into the global world, the need for reliable solutions that reassure privacy is only growing. Realizing VPN benefits today will help to carry out processes more efficiently and feel really free while surfing through the web.

Free and fast way to protect your identity online mixed with an easy to use interface is a way to go for the mainstream user.

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