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How to Support Your Kid’s Coding Journey in 7 Ways

Here are some tips to support your children as they foster their creativity and cultivate their passion for coding:

1. Make them curious.

Children are always curious about the world around them, especially how things work. You can do this by introducing them to coding-related games and activities. Tell them how coding works in the real world, explaining that their favourite games, apps, and websites are all a product of coding.

2. Give them resources.

Investing in coding resources is one of the best things you can do for your child. Buy age-appropriate books and download apps that would nurture their coding skills. You can also start looking for coding classes for kids and see which one offers competitive classes at budget-friendly prices.

However, you can turn to YouTube if you need free learning resources. There are online tutorials and online resources geared towards coding for kids. These programmers break down complex computer science and coding concepts into digestible bits for your child to understand easily.

3. Explain the skills children can acquire with coding.

Tell your children that coding will help them become well-rounded people and, eventually, professional workers, regardless of their path later in life. This may push your children to pursue coding and learn more about coding programs.

The skills your child can get out of coding include:

  • Problem-solving skills: Coding has always been a trial-and-error work. The problems your child needs to solve will test their persistence. When one solution doesn’t work, they can develop a few creative solutions.
  • Logical thinking: Coding requires your child to think logically when writing code.
  • Critical thinking skills: Your children need to think critically when solving problems. They have to make decisions after going over the problem.
  • Technical skills: Children will learn computer programming, debugging, data analysis, and various coding languages when they decide to try coding.
  • Creative thinking: Coding allows you to easily create interactive stories to support the game’s world. Your child can express your own identity and colours while coding the game.
  • Collaboration: Your kids will work with other kids when they code games and other projects. They will learn to divide tasks among themselves and function as one team.

These skills are not directly taught in a class—they’re developed through constant training and interaction with others.

4. Make a coding environment.

Give your child a safe space to work on their coding projects. Set up a table and install a computer or tablet with all the important software they need. Make sure you have a strong internet connection at home. Remember that this is their work area, so you need to provide them with an ergonomic and functional space.

5. Explore various programming languages.

Let your child choose which programming language they want to learn and be most comfortable with. They can try Python, a general-use program for task automation, website development, and software development.

If you want visual programming, let your children try Scratch. This block-based programming is suitable for children ages 8 to 16. They can create interactive games through this program.

For children who love creating mobile apps, Java is the best to learn. JavaScript can help if your children want to create dynamic web content.

Once your child has set their sights on a program to master, encourage them to learn it one day at a time.

6. Reach out to other parents.

Join social media groups and online forums of local coding clubs for children. You can get their support and resources as you go about your child’s coding journey.

7. Remain by their side.

Nothing beats being by your children’s side as they learn coding. If you have prior coding experience, share everything you know about it with your child. If you’re new to coding, you can learn alongside them as they tinker with the programs.

Remember, coding is a creative learning process. Encourage your kid to think outside the box to solve problems. Don’t forget to praise your child after achieving a milestone. Celebrate it with a simple present and encourage them to keep going.

If there’s one person who should believe in your child’s skills, it’s you. Computer coding empowers kids to learn more with each challenge and problem to be solved.

Sign Up Your Child for an Online Coding Class

As a parent, you only want the best for your child, who has a newfound passion for coding. Sign them up for online coding classes for kids so you can harness their full potential. Here, qualified teachers who teach coding will give classes that your child will pay attention to. They will learn more about Scratch programming, coding games, and creating their own video game.

Coding classes have various schedules and terms you can insert into your child’s school schedule. Let your child choose the schedule, so they can start learning coding at their own pace.

Final Thoughts

Your support goes a long way in your child’s coding journey. It can motivate them to keep going when things are tough. Being by their side will assure your child that you support them on their way to becoming professional coders, no matter what. They’ll make it far if you believe in what they can do right from the start.

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