How to Successfully Hire Recent Graduate Students Using Technology


If you want to attract some of the best entry-level talent out there, you’re going to want to hit the top universities. 

You know you have the jobs these students want and need, but how do you make that first introduction? Unless you’re Google or Amazon, your company may not be a household name. The rest of us have to put in a little work to get the word out. 

But don’t worry. Technology can help. 

Here are a few ideas to hire recent graduate students using technology. 

Host Virtual Talks with a Group of Campuses

One great way to attract students to your company is to make an introduction before they might be searching. If you can land a virtual conference with one or more campuses, you can use that time to teach students about your industry and what makes your company unique. 

Virtual conferences are an affordable and powerful way to promote your brand and work environment to hundreds of soon-to-be potential candidates at once. You can reach college campuses around the country or globe, and you don’t even have to get on an airplane. 

Use an App to Search LinkedIn

Assuming new college grads are on LinkedIn (which they should be), you can search profiles with the LinkedIn Recruiter app. And if you use Salesforce for your business, you can use SocialHire to connect all those potential new hires in your recruitment pipeline. 

Be sure to set your search parameters to include the degree, location and graduation year that meet your goals. Once you have a pool of potential applicants, send messages to each of them inviting them to apply to your company and/or open job opportunity. 

Advertise an Internship Program Online

One of the best ways to attract new graduates is through internships. If you can attract some of the best college seniors or those who are soon to graduate with a master’s degree for an internship, the transition from intern to employee is an easy one. When someone is already excelling at an internship at your company, all you have to do is make an offer. 

Advertise your internships on your own website and on social media. Also, reach out to the appropriate department at your target schools and ask that the professors promote your internship to their top students. 

Partner with Colleges to Advertise Your Jobs on Virtual Job Boards 

If you have a few target schools, it’s beneficial for you to forge relationships with people working in their placement services departments. Most colleges offer some form of job placement assistance, and that’s exactly where recent grads will find you. With the right connections, you might even get permission to sponsor an email blast to recent alumni. 

Standardize Applications

Once you’ve attracted a good pool of applicants, it’s going to be up to you to narrow down the list down to the best candidates. Someone isn’t a great candidate simply because they have a degree. So, the sifting and interviewing processes are going to be key. 

Start by asking new grads to use a resume builder to create their resumes. Recommend one along with a template that works for you. This will make it easier for you to skim through resumes to decide whether or not the candidates are a good fit. It helps to have all the information in the same place. 

When you’re looking for entry-level employees, the best talent will come straight out of school. These students may not have a lot of life experience, but they are also highly trainable and can become some of your best employees over time. 

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