How to Successfully Audit Your DeFi Project on Solidproof

Security and trust are among the most important aspects of any financial system. To introduce security and trust, the concept of smart contracts and blockchain audits came up. The project’s code undergoes a series of tests and checks to ensure it is safe for the average investor.

While there are many crypto auditing platforms, Solidproof stands out as highly trusted. This crypto project auditor combines security, privacy, and transparency all in one platform. Solidproof is German based, but it has gained the attention of smart contract developers globally.

The platform completes audits for multiple Defi projects on a weekly basis. Top launchpads like Unicrypt and Pathfund have partnered with Solidproof owing to its solutions. It’s introducing an Auto tool that will streamline the process of auditing completely. 

The most interesting thing about Solidproof is the simplicity of the audit process. This guide looks into the entire process of auditing to releasing the report. Keep reading.


The first step to a successful audit with the Solidproof network is communication. Communication refers to contacting the Solidproof network to request an audit.

On their website, there is a direct link for communicating with Solidproof. When inquiring, you must fill up details like your name and the details of the project. Moreover, you must send your project’s code. Sending the code will give the Solidproof team time to do the initial project assessment. This assessment will help them decide the proper quotation for your project’s audit. Solidproof gives you a customized quotation.

Once they decide on the quotation, the Solidproof team will respond. Remember, Solidproof can only contact you using your chosen medium of communication. Once you all come to terms, Solidproof will now announce to the crypto community about your audit. Communication from you to Solidproof and Community is the first stage of auditing.

Auditing Starts

After communication and agreement, the auditing process begins. The auditors will start checking your source code for errors and vulnerabilities. Solidproof combines two audit systems to ensure the efficiency of audit reports.

First, there are manual auditors. Manual auditors are real people with coding and hacking experience. These people are capable of identifying threats to your code.

Second, Solidproof is introducing the auto tool. When you open the web page, you can see the auto tool link on the dashboard. This is an algorithmic system designed to simplify the entire process of auditing. It speeds the process of auditing the whole project.

The auto tool will be taking the most major role in the audits. Once the developer sends the code to Autotool, auditing starts. This tool was programmed to identify any threats and report them. Hence, it will work more efficiently than manual since it has no human errors.

The process of auditing is very thorough to ensure the outcome is trustworthy. Combining the manual and autonomous audits will make the entire process quite complete. The auditors release a PDF outlining the vulnerabilities and send them to the developers.

Providing Required Fixes

While the role of the team is checking the project, auditors also provide fixes. Some smart contracts may have grave errors that need immediate solutions. Others may have issues that the smart contract can work with for some time. All in all, Solidproof will provide fixes.

They will list all the errors surrounding the project and possible ways to fix them. Remember, the auditors are experts in coding and ethical hacking. They can easily identify and help fix flaws. Hence, their advice can help ensure your project attains utter security.

Once you receive the report and fixes, start working on them. Make the necessary code adjustments as provided. Afterward, please return them to the auditors for the final audit. They will audit the project gain to ensure you have fixed all the bugs and vulnerabilities. If you have not fixed them, then your project might be risky for investors.

Releasing the Audit Report

The end product of every audit process is the audit report. This audit report must contain details on the security of the contracts. Solidproof sends their final report to you, mostly in PDF.

Moreover, Solidproof uses its social media channels to share the audit reports. Using the report, your investors will see if the project is hazardous, medium risk, or low risk. Launchpads can now allow you to list. Investors can also gain access to the report before making investment decisions.

Final Word

Defi projects are looking for an auditor, and Solidproof is providing the solutions. The network offers auditing services accessible to any new or ongoing crypto projects. This guide has been looking into the entire process of getting an audit.

Foremost, you need to communicate to the audit team and send them your code for a quotation. You will receive a quotation as a personalized offer for your project. After sending the request, the project will audit using the auto tool. Later, the auditor provides the developers with fixes before releasing the report.

Aside from the auditing, Solidproof will be providing the projects with KYC scanning services. They can look into your project’s team to ensure it does not risk money laundering. All in all, crypto developers should consider using this platform for auditing.

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