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How To Store Your Ink Cartridges To Keep Them Fresh?

To get the most out of your ink and maintain it for a long time when printing, there are a variety of methods and advice you should be aware of. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for an ink cartridge refill only to discover that it’s not working anymore, therefore making sure you follow the required storage instructions is crucial. No matter if you’re running an HP, Epson, Brother, HP, Epson, or Samsung printer, our guide will make sure your cartridges for ink are properly stored for maximum performance. We are experts in printer consumables ourselves we have compiled our top recommendations:

Place Printer Cartridges Upright

A cartridge that is leaking ink is basically unusable and it’s best to be cautious instead of sorry when you store it. Ensuring that your cartridges are in a straight place is the most effective way to avoid leaks and the mess that can result. Ink leaks are the most difficult mess to handle, and this little step will help reduce the possibility of having to deal with it happening. If cartridges contain multiple colours it is important to be extra careful as placing it upside down or lying on its side can cause leaks and can mix the colours.

Find A Dry, Cool, And Dark Area To Store The Items

The ideal place for storing ink cartridges is in a dry, cool location away from sunlight. If a cartridge is already opened and hasn’t been used, it can be kept in the correct conditions for up to six months before being disposed of. But, brand-new cartridges can be kept for up to two years. In warm environments, ink can begin to dry out or even bubble which can lead to leaks and problems in the future. Locate your ink cartridges inside cabinets, drawers, or cabinets until you’re required to use them.

Make Sure The Packaging Is Sealed

Keep your cartridge in its original packing, which is normally made of plastic, if you aren’t going to use it straight away. This cover protects it from exposure to air which is why they dry quickly. Printer ink requires moisture in order to work properly. even if you don’t own a plastic sleeve It is possible to place it in a plastic bag and cover it with elastic wrap.

Installing Your Cartridge.

Before you attempt to install your cartridge ink on the first attempt, make certain to refer to the instructions manual. Each printer is unique and the wrong way to install your ink cartridge could damage your printer, the cartridge, or both. Most of the time, the manufacturer’s website will have a PDF copy of the manual accessible for download if your printer didn’t come with one or you’ve misplaced it. The most popular printer models usually have a demonstration video on the manufacturer’s site, YouTube, and numerous tech-savvy blogs.

When you are installing new ink to your printer, take it slow and be cautious. Make sure that the cartridges you have installed aren’t drying out by pressing your power button in order to shut off your printer. You must wait until the power switch is fully shut off prior to unplugging the printer. This will assist you to prevent harming the printer by enabling the printer’s head to return to its original position.

Protection And Storage.

If your company prints a lot, the odds are that you’ll need several cartridges of ink on reserve. The process of storing cartridges is simple when you adhere to a few basic guidelines. Make sure to keep cartridges in their original box as a first step. The removal of cartridges from the airtight container that they’re packaged in will result in them drying out. The nozzle of the cartridge could become crinkled and the ink may leak out from the chamber. Cartridges need to be kept cool and dark like cabinets or closets until the time comes to install them.

If you’ve opened a cartridge, seal it as possible to ensure it is in good shape to be used when you require it. Put it upside down inside an airtight container and if you’re using the tape or clip that protects it, put it back on before storing it. Put a wet paper towel on top of the cartridge inside the container, then store it somewhere dark and cool to prevent it from drying out. To ensure that the paper towel isn’t drying out, make sure to regularly inspect the cartridge.


Ninety per cent of ink cartridges and printer maintenance are aware of where to begin. Maintaining your printer regularly ensures you have better prints and save money over the long term. If you implement these suggestions into a routine and you’ll have an improved and healthier printer that gives you fewer headaches. Print with joy!


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