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How to Start Your Kids in Music Lessons

How to Start Your Kids in Music Lessons

Parents have numerous extra-curricular options to consider for their children’s growth and development but deciding which is best can prove challenging. Enrolling in private music lessons remains an outstanding choice that benefits children and teens in extraordinary ways. The experienced teachers at the San Diego-based K and M Music Company share their insight in this article on getting children started in private lessons and why this decision offers them tremendous value.

K and M Music Company provides music lessons for kids in the San Diego area, including piano and violin lessons. We share our dedication to classical music and our excitement about learning to play an instrument with students of all ages and levels throughout the community.

Find the Right Teacher or Music School

The best private lesson experience for your children begins with finding the right teacher. At K and M Music Company, we believe private teachers with professional classical training and performance experience offer the best option for private lesson instruction. Because of their rigorous training and experience, they know how to set goals, offer needed encouragement, and nurture your children’s musical interests while building an exceptional musical foundation.

Invest in a Quality Instrument

In addition to finding a teacher, you will also need to consider investing in a quality instrument for your children to develop proper technique, posture, and aural skills. Parents should not expect students to practice on a broken instrument or be motivated by one that sounds terrible. Doing so can be a discouraging experience for many young children eager to make progress.

Parent Involvement Cultivates Student Success

Parents must support and assist their children in lessons to ensure progress and success. They should regularly communicate with teachers to help ensure that their children understand all assignments. It is vital to encourage children in lessons by acknowledging all accomplishments, big or small. Remember to listen to their pieces, notice improvements, and recognize your child’s perseverance when an assignment is difficult.

Benefits of Lessons

The best aspect of getting children started in private music lessons is the numerous benefits they experience. Music helps children grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Studies indicate that learning to play an instrument stimulates areas of the brain that promote cognitive and analytical problem-solving skills.

Starting children in private music lessons gives them genuine goals which enhance their self-image and esteem amidst a culture of instant gratification and passive entertainment. Playing an instrument and learning to perform builds resilience and growth through challenging opportunities and accomplishments. Children learn the concrete skills of reading music and developing proper techniques for playing an instrument as well as improved listening and aural skills. Above all else, learning an instrument provides an opportunity for musical expression.

Our Approach

Katherine and Michael Dvoskin, owners of K and M Music Company, are passionate about preparing the next generation of classical musicians. Their training in the Russian School of Music principles utilizes a synergistic approach to studying music. For their students, playing an instrument is a full-body experience requiring movement, action, critical thinking, and focus. They believe that traditional classical music provides the best foundation for students looking to start lessons. Students with classical music training become equipped with self-discipline, intellectual growth, and emotional experiences that can carry them into any career and future activities.

Visit the K and M Music Company website for more information about our school, teachers, and programs to learn why we are a great choice for children’s music lessons in the San Diego area.

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