How to Start Investing with Yuanpay Group?

investing through yuanpay group

On the net, there is nothing but talk of the online launch of the new digital currency that would have been authorized by China, the digital Yuan, which could only be traded through the Yuan Pay Group App.

Many users claim that they have actually made a profit thanks to this platform; however, opinions are mixed, and others are quick to swear that it is simply a well-organized scam. We do not know which side the scales really tip and who is right, but looking at the company’s website (which really exists), we read that with the platform, it would be possible to earn for every dollar invested, exactly $ 5,000. To us, honestly, it seems very unlikely.

On the Yuanpay Group website itself, it is said that this is the official currency that China has decided to launch online. However, even this statement seems to us to disagree with the official information in our possession. If true, China would have made a presentation with great fanfare, and instead, nothing has ever been saying about it; indeed, it seems that their status in trading operations increasingly limits the Chinese. So, we give advise you to be very careful if you make a decision to invest your cash.

What is Yuanpay Group?

Yuanpay Group is a company that really exists and claims through its web pages that it has been authorized directly by the Chinese government to launch the digital Yuan. As reported, it would be the only company in the world authorized by China to allow the purchase of the digital Yuan. However, no evidence is provided, and our skepticism only grows.

In recent months, China hasn’t released any press releases stressing how ready it is to launch its digital currency; in fact, it has often said that cryptocurrencies are dangerous and has urged its citizens to stay away from them.

However, on this platform, it would be possible to buy the digital Yuan by making a minimum deposit of 250 euros. The transaction takes place directly online; therefore, it is possible to execute it both from PC and from mobile.

Has China ever said it wants to launch the digital Yuan?

As previously mentioned, Yuan Pay Group App claims to have received the pass from the Chinese government to launch it’s token online, even publishing a White Paper. However, just as we have already said, we have not read any official statements on the matter.

Indeed, what we do know is that the Chinese government has always been very skeptical in terms of cryptocurrencies. Things have only started to change recently, starting in 2018. During that year, the Chinese government actually took an interest in digital currencies and even said it was its intention to one day launch the digital Yuan. After all, if he had really done it, we would not be surprised, given that China is now to be considered a world power on a par with the USA.

Furthermore, we know that the Chinese are conservative and prefer to develop apps at home. Just look at what happens to apps like Facebook and Google in the country, which are completely banned. Instead, local apps like WeChat and Baidu are used. If China really launches the digital Yuan, those who already have some in their pockets will be lucky.

However, we would like to remember that this does not mean that Yuanpay Group is certainly reliable. You must always be careful not to get scammed, and therefore, before investing your money, be sure which platform you are using.

How to start investing with Yuanpay Group?

Contrary to what happens on other trading sites, starting investing with the Yuan Pay Group App really seems too simple. There are three steps to follow in all, here they are described below in brief:

Signing up; Opening a new account on the Yuan Pay Group App is simple and free. To get started, you need to log into its official web page and enter your basic information in the registration form, which you can find by scrolling down the page.

Always scrolling the same page, we read that the Chinese company puts in place all the resources necessary to protect the identity of its users. This is because the GDPR protocol imposed by Europe and other privacy laws are respected.

Storage area- Once you have opened your new account and verified your identity, your profile will be active immediately; however, it will not yet be possible to purchase this phantom coin. In fact, to do so, it will be necessary to invest a minimum sum of 250 euros through a regulated broker who collaborates with the company.

We learned through its pages that there are about fifteen brokers who actively collaborate with Yuanpay Group. These brokers reportedly ensure the safety and maximum speed of transactions. Too bad that the user has no control over these brokers, as, at the time of signing up, they will be randomly directed to one of them. It is, therefore, his duty to check the goodness of the broker.

It is good that at least these financial bodies ask for the compilation of the KYC, also known as Know Your Customer, which is used to verify the identity of users.

Invest- You can use the Yuan Pay Group App to invest in a mobile device, laptop, PC, or desktop. No matter what operating system you use, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android, the software is web-based and therefore always compatible.

Through this online application, users can access their profile and consult the electronic wallet to know the amount of digital Yuan purchased.

The only real drawback is that only registered users who have made the first deposit can access the application, which therefore remains hidden from most.

Conclusion: Through the Yuan Pay Group App offered by Yuanpay Group, it will be possible to know the price trend of the digital Yuan, access the user’s personal data, contact customer service, look at the transaction history and use other features.

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