How to start an Airbnb business

Thinking about becoming a part of the thriving London Airbnb hosting community? No business experience is necessary to become a successful Airbnb host. If you’re looking to open your home or another property to guests and want to learn how to start your own Airbnb hosting business, you’re in the right place. Follow these easy steps to discover how much you can earn and what daily tasks are involved.

Analyse our market

To begin, check out other Airbnb listings and bed and breakfasts in your area that are similar to your space. Observe what they offer and identify any gaps you could fill. Consider the type of visitors your area attracts. Is it popular with business travelers, families on holiday, or tourists visiting local attractions like national parks or historic sites? This information will guide your decisions around design, amenities, and the length of stays you want to offer.

It’s also crucial to understand the legal and tax requirements for short-term rentals in your area before you start hosting. While Airbnb cannot provide legal or tax advice, it can help you find relevant information about hosting regulations.

Estimate your income possibilities

Once you’ve completed your market research, you can estimate your earning potential. This involves setting your income goals and considering your expenses and pricing strategy.

  • Break down your costs
    Calculate both upfront and ongoing costs. Upfront expenses might include decor, Wi-Fi setup, and other essentials to prepare your space for guests. Recurring costs could involve linen, toiletries, cleaning services, and mortgage payments. Don’t forget to include maintenance expenses like repairs or annual chimney inspections.
  • Develop your pricing plan
    When setting your pricing strategy, understand what other rentals in your area charge throughout the year. Adjust your prices based on demand by updating them seasonally, on weekends, and during big events. You can increase your price as you get positive reviews, so starting with a competitive rate can attract more guests.
  • Automate your pricing
    You can use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool, which considers over 70 factors, including seasonality and demand, to adjust your rates. You can set a minimum nightly rate to ensure your price never falls below a certain amount. 

Simplify your hosting experience

Hosting on Airbnb offers flexibility to fit your availability and lifestyle. Some hosts manage every aspect of their rental, while others delegate tasks to Airbnb management companies

For instance, Cat and Elisa initially managed all aspects of their rental, including laundry and maintenance. Eventually, they chose a management service, allowing them to focus on enhancing the guest experience without the hassle of daily operations.

A good Airbnb management service handles marketing, guest communication, property maintenance, and cleaning, ensuring your property is always in top condition.

Guest experience matters

Your success as a host depends largely on your ability to create a memorable experience for your guests. Decide which type of guests you want to attract, such as pet owners, couples, families, or remote workers, and provide amenities for their needs.

Think of the details that will make your listing stand out and make guests feel special, such as a thoughtful welcome note or local souvenirs. The goal is to make each guest’s stay enjoyable and memorable.

Market your space

To make your listing attractive, use high-quality photos and a catchy title. Good photos are one of the first things people notice when browsing stays on Airbnb. While some hosts take great shots with a smartphone, hiring a professional photographer can be a worthwhile investment.

Ensure that your listing details and photos set accurate expectations. Any space can be a perfect fit for the right guest, so make sure your listing highlights its unique features.


Airbnb offers comprehensive support to hosts through AirCover for Hosts, which provides top-to-bottom protection. You can connect with other hosts through the Community Centre. If you have questions or need help getting started, you can ask a Superhost or explore hosting tips in the Resource Centre. Additionally, Airbnb’s customer support team is available 24/7.

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, Airbnb management in London can handle the complexities of hosting for you. From managing bookings and guest communication to handling cleaning and maintenance, the service ensures a seamless and profitable hosting experience.

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