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How to start a hype train on twitch

Twitch hype train is a new feature that was added to Twitch in 2020. When several viewers donate bits or subs to a channel, the Hype train gets activated. So the more bits and subs donation a streamer receives, the higher the level of the hype train.

It is an influx in monetary support. Viewers provide support in subscriptions, dollar donations, and bits donations. However, it is necessary to note that it needs to be an entire effort from the community.

As a viewer, when they send the donations and bits, they also get emote rewards.

Twitch hype train requirements

As a streamer, you should meet certain criteria for viewers to enable hype train. One, the streamer should be a Twitch affiliate. Then, you need to get multiple events and donations. It could be cheers, gifted subs, and other subscriptions and all these events should take place within 5 minutes. If all these take place, your hype train will get activated without even having the need to use common Twitch commands.

How to start a hype train?

A hype train is kicked off by the viewers. When there is a spike in subs or bits donations in a channel within a specific time period, the hype train starts.

As viewers, one can participate in the hype train by subscribing, prime subscription, subs renewal, gift subs and using bit donations.

How many subs or bits do I need?

This depends on your settings, and you can determine how many events you require to start a hype train. You can go to the settings in Creator dashboard and choose preferences and then affiliate. You can scroll and choose the settings in Hype Train.

You can set a realistic goal to select a hype train. The threshold should be such that it should not be too small that hype trains are always started. But it should not be so huge that hype trains seldom start. You can also set the hype train cooldown period. Suppose you have set 2 hours, the hype train will start only every two hours. The cooldown period is that when the hype train ends, you will have a cool off time before it restarts again.

How to move to next hype train level?

There are five levels in a hype train. Twitch allows you to select the hype train difficulty levels. There is this element called “Hype Goals” and its levels are easy, medium, hard, super hard and insane.

For each level to complete, you will need a certain amount of subs and bits.

  • Easy level – 3.2 Tier 1 Subs or 1600 bits
  • Medium level – 4 Tier 1 Subs or 2000 bits
  • Hard level – 6 Tier 1 Subs or 3000 bits
  • Super Hard level – 10 Tier Subs or 5000 bits
  • Insane level – 20 Tier 1 Subs or 10000 bits

It is always beneficial to start a hype train at the easy level. The kickoff threshold is best to be kept at the base level.

Customise Hype trains

When viewers activate a hype train, you will be rewarded massively. In addition, if you want to make your brand stand out, you can customize your hype train in the settings. You can choose an emote that will represent your stream. So when the hype train is activated, this customization will also be activated.

What can a viewer get?

Twitch hype train is also beneficial for the viewers. Participating viewers who jump on the hype train will be rewarded. As said, there are five levels in the hype train and each level of hype train contains a set of 5 emotes. When the hype train is set at the hardest difficulty levels, bonus emotes are available to the participating viewers.

These emote rewards are given to the viewers randomly. Such randomly distributed are global emotes. In case the viewer receives an emote that they already have, they will get a emote from the lower levels.

Tips to start more hype trains

You can start more hype trains on your stream with the following tips.

  • You can offer giveaways. You can do this, especially for viewers from hype trains. So it creates a curiosity among the viewers to jump on the train. In addition, they will also get a good shot at winning the giveaway.
  • You could encourage the hype train subscribers by playing with them for a day.


How to know a hype train is active?

When a hype train is active on a channel, you will get a notification in the top of the chat. It will give all details of the current hype train lie time left, the level of hype train and others.

How can I enable or disable hype train?

As a streamer, you can enable and disable hype train. You should go to your Partner and Affiliate Settings in the Hype train section.

What if the hype train doesn’t happen enough?

You do not have to worry when the hype train doesn’t happen enough. You can change the settings like the cooldown period and decreasing kickoff threshold.

What if the hype trains are completed too soon?

Suppose the hype trains complete too soon, you can increase the difficulty to harder settings.

What if the hype trains are not being completed?

Similar to the changes you make if hype trains are not completed soon, you can change the hype train levels in the settings. You can decrease the difficulty and have a more easier level.

Who are hype train conductors?

The highest contributors of donations will be recognized and the viewer will be recognized hype train conductor. If another viewer gifts more subs, then that viewer will get the conductor position.

What is a badge?

The viewer who receives the Hype train conductor name at the end of the hype train, that viewer will hold the badge until next hype train.

Are there any benefits for difficulty levels completed?

Yes, when higher difficulty level is played, the viewers will qualify to unlock one of the five bonus emotes.

Is hype train better than an organic support train?

Yes, hype train provides with exciting features for the viewers, boosting the community support. It adds more community support by giving additional rewards and hype train emotes and levels. With each completed level, the hype train participants also enjoy a gamified experience.

Can the streamer kick start a hype train?

No, hype train events can be kickstarted only when the viewer community contributes. This helps in boosting an organic growth that is faster than usual.

How do viewers get an emote rewards?

When a viewer completes a level, they are rewarded emote. When they complete all levels, they receive all the emotes.

What are support events?

Support events or support actions refer to the viewers actions like subscribing with Prime, sharing a subscription renewal, gifting subs, etc.

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