How to solve math problems using just a mobile phone camera?

People often encounter scenes that require the use of math in their lives. Things like figuring out taxes, travel budgets, or even just going to Walmart for shopping. At this time, some powerful tools can produce twice the result with half the effort.

The calculator that comes with the mobile phone system may be the first option for a math calculation app. However, for students, this fundamental calculator is insufficient. They expect an app that can solve various types of math problems to help them get rid of math exercises.

CameraMath is just born for this. To rapidly solve math problems and provide detailed steps, this app only requires the camera function of the mobile phone. It can come in handy if students are having trouble paying attention in math class, understanding class content, or keeping up with online learning.

math problems using

What is CameraMath

CameraMath is an expert math solver and math homework helper app. It is presently available in iOS and Android versions and has a 4.6-star user rating in the Apple App Store. 

Its main function is to solve math problems by taking pictures with the user’s mobile phone. And it is aimed at students who are struggling with math. Therefore, it is committed to covering math content at various stages so that students from kindergarten to university can get help from it.

math problems using

How does CameraMath work

Like most math apps, CameraMath is powered by OCR technology. But this technique has significant limitations. Because it has high requirements for handwriting itself. Non-printing fonts are difficult to properly recognize.

CameraMath, on the other hand, applies more mature AI technology and deep learning algorithms to identify more complex and even scribbled handwritten text. This method is far more accurate than many similar products. Furthermore, CameraMath’s ability to recognize different fonts will improve as users capture and upload more images.

When CameraMath gets a photo taken or uploaded by the user, the system will automatically locate the calculation part of the image and quickly recognize and calculate it. This process usually only takes a few seconds.

How to operate CameraMath

  • Simply search “CameraMath” in App Store or Google Play and download it for free.
  • Open CameraMath. Watch or skip the tutorial animation, and follow the system prompts to enable the camera permission on the smartphone.
  • Aim the camera at a math problem, and click the yellow dot on the page to take a photo.
  • Let CameraMath automatically recognize the image and intercept the question. The cropping box can be manually adjusted as needed.
  • Click the “solve” tab, and the system will perform calculations immediately.
  • Answers, detailed steps, and alternative problem-solving methods will be displayed instantly.
  • If there are additional descriptions such as text and diagrams in the topic photoed, the system will jump to the page of asking tutors. Just send the query to online tutors with one click.
  • Click the “more” tab for other custom settings, such as language and decimal separator form. The question history and help center can be also viewed here at any time.

Final words

CameraMath is a math solver and math homework helper app with stable performance and easy operation. Its recognition accuracy and running speed are extraordinary compared to many other math apps. 

It provides efficient help for students who are troubled by algebra, geometry, trigonometric functions, calculus, statistics, and more types of math problems.

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