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How to ship a car from California to Hawaii?

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Many people either move to or from Hawaii every year. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re wondering what to do with your car. It may seem obvious to sell it and get a new one, but there’s a more practical solution. The shipping of your car from California to Hawaii, or the other way around, might save you from a lot of hassle and expenditure. You will definitely be interested in knowing more about how you can ship your car from California to Hawaii and save money and time. First, let’s have a look at different shipping methods.

RORO (Roll on Roll off) Shipping

RORO shipping is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to ship your car to Hawaii. Roll on Roll Off shipping is the most affordable method of moving a car by sea. Additionally, this option is mostly preferred to move automobiles by sea as it is regularly used from California to Hawaii. The RORO method involves your vehicle being rolled into a container and secured. As soon as it gets to Hawaii, it is rolled off. A RoRo shipping service is likely for you if your timeframe is tight and your budget is limited.

Private Shipping Container

Two different types of shipping container options are available to ship a car. The first one is a private shipping container. In this method, you will have a private shipping container just for your vehicle. The California car shipping experts recommend this secured solution if you have a sports or high-end vintage vehicle. Obviously, it is the most expensive shipping option but one of the secure ways to ship your car from Location A to B. It will suit you if you need to move many things from your current location to a new destination since you can load up the container with items other than your vehicle.

Container Shipping

This method of shipping cars is affordable as compared to private container shipping. Because your vehicle is transported in a container with several other automobiles, one drawback of this method is the container must be 100% full before it is shipped. So, this can increase the actual delivery time of your car.

Now let’s talk about how you can prepare your car to ship to Hawaii.

Prepare Vehicle

Your car must be in running order with inflated, functioning tires, steering, and transmission. All vehicles are inspected before shipping, so your vehicle must be in operating condition. Some companies may not accept shipments of cars that are not in safe operating condition. No personal items should be in your car. Also, make sure there should be no crack in the windscreen or windows.

Gasoline in tank

Because gasoline is flammable, make sure your car should have less than ¼ tank of gas. It must not be full. This rule does not apply to diesel vehicles.

Clean your Car

To ensure a thorough vehicle inspection can be conducted, please clean your vehicle both inside and outside before the inspection. It is very important that you keep your vehicle free of any caked-on dirt underneath the fender wells.

Documents you may need to arrange

  • Copy of car registration to verify vehicle ownership
  • Creditor or Lessor Notarized statement if your car is financed or leased
  • A photo ID can be a State ID, Passport, Driving License, or any other legal document issued by govt.
  • If a car is owned by more than one, then all the owners must be present at the time of shipping
  • A notarized letter might be needed if the shipper or receiver of the car is not the owner

Shipping Cost

Different factors can determine shipping costs. Like which shipping method you will choose, vehicle type, and the port of Hawaii where you want your car.

Delivery Time

It usually can take about 7 to 14 days to get your automobile delivered in Hawaii. But have in mind many factors that can increase delivery time so you should discuss in detail with your car shipping company if you want to get your car delivered fast.

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