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How to Send a Large Parcel to the USA

The process of Send Parcel to USA requires careful and strategic planning. Whether you are sending gifts to your loved ones or trying to expand business overseas, making sure it reaches smoothly and securely is very important. So, let’s know the procedure that involves shipping internationally from choosing the right courier service to considering insurance options. 

Choose the Right Shipping Service

The first crucial step you must consider is selecting the right shipping service. Look for shipping companies that specialize in international export of goods. Research and look for reviews with their track record of handling fragile items with care and providing insurance options for added protection.

Pack the large shipping items rightly

When it comes to oversized shipments, some tried-and-true methods will help ensure your product reaches its destination in one piece. Learn the following points to ship your large parcel correctly:

  • Use a strong box. 

The heavier your items, the stronger the box you need. Choose a brand new one as used boxes might be weaker or damaged. You can even pack with box in box packaging to provide an extra layer of strength and protection. 

  • Opt for heavy-duty packing tape

Once everything is packed safely in the box, seal it using reinforced packing tape, following the “H” technique along the seams. Do not use duct, Scotch or masking tape for shipments.

  • Determine how to ship your large package based on weight and size 

Weigh and measure your package to know which shipping method might be a standard delivery option like oversized shipping, or freight. You can use a tape to measure and calculate the overall length and width of the box and weigh the package with a regular bathroom scale.

  • Consider dividing the shipment into multiple packages 

If you want to avoid large package shipping fees by sending the items in several boxes rather than in one large parcel. Even though you will need to pay the standard shipping rate for each box, shipping several smaller packages might or might not be less expensive than shipping an oversized package and paying additional charges. 

  • Use Cushioning Material

After you’ve upgraded your parcel boxes, make sure to fill in the empty spaces with cushioning materials. Make use of bubble wraps and air cushions, foam sheets, or crumpled newspaper to put higher box security. This way, the items inside the box will stay in place till they reach the receiver. This helps avoid occurrence of damage and provides an additional layer of protection.

Custom Charges 

When send  parcel to Italy, it’s important to be aware of potential additional postage charges. This is due to certain items being subject to regulation and scrutiny by Customs. Nevertheless, duty and tax obligations may not apply if the total value of your shipment to Italy is under $800, in accordance with entry 86 regulations. It’s worth noting that U.S. Customs will assess the combined value of multiple shipments sent on the same day.

However, please be aware that entry 86 regulations do not extend to certain products, including tobacco and alcohol items, goods taxed under the Internal Revenue Code, and products subject to quotas or anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Consider Custom Crating for delicate products

While you are exporting large and exceptionally delicate items you must consider crating it in the shipment plan. Having crates will increase the structural security of your larger and heavier goods, making them well-prepared for turbulence and other motions during the entire international shipping process. Edge protectors or paperboards can also be used to add extra security.

Add Accurate Address Information

When delivering internationally it is very important to double check the recipient’s address and contact information to avoid any delivery mistakes. Include clearly the recipient’s full name, city, state, ZIP code and street address. Moreover with your contact number also provide recipient contact number in case courier companies need to contact them.

Track Your Parcel

Almost every international courier service offers this option of tracking your products. With that feature you can monitor your parcel with the tracking number provided  anytime anywhere. It will give you peace of mind that your parcel is on the right way.

Consider Insurance Options

When sending valuable and fragile items to Germany, it’s wise to explore insurance options. Insurance serves as a crucial financial safeguard in the event that your package sustains damage, goes missing, or is stolen during its journey. Seek out a courier service that offers insurance coverage and carefully choose a plan that aligns with your specific needs. This extra layer of protection can provide peace of mind when send parcel  to Germany.

In conclusion, delivering a large parcel to the USA requires careful planning, attention to detail, and familiarity with the shipping process. Although, by choosing the right courier service your load of delivering goods may become lesser as they guide and provide you each and every detail on how to pack and transport your products

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