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How to Sell Your Products on Instagram


Instagram isn’t only a place where you can communicate with each other using various forms of media. In the hands of an excellent marketer, Instagram can be a very effective tool to drive traffic right into his pocket.

Nowadays, the way people market their products is shifting to a more modern and efficient method. One of the best ways you can sell your stuff is through social media or marketplace, the places where potential buyers are coming from any corner.

So, in order to get huge traffic and potentially increase sales, you must use Instagram in the best way. If you’re feeling confused about how to do so, let us walk you through it these basic tips.

Learning About Influencer Marketing

Have you ever heard about influencer marketing before? As the name implies, this technique requires you to make a collaboration with an influencer with the goal of promoting your products and service. If the content produced is good enough, you can potentially gain Instagram followers free as well, which is nice. However, you need to prepare a lot of things before actually investing in influencer marketing.

First, you need to know who’s the influencer who plays in the same niche as you. When you finally find the one, you’ll get targetted market at the same time. Take some time to learn how much it is to pay an influencer. Usually, the price depends on how popular the influencer is. So if you’re on a budget, we highly advise using micro-influencers instead, which are more affordable but still an effective method.

Optimize Your Account

This is actually what you need to do the first time you step foot on Instagram. You see, account optimization isn’t actually as hard as many people imagine. What you need to do is to completely fill any blank space with the necessary information.

In the bio, for example, instead of writing long paragraphs which may bore most people, use the empty space to put your links. These could be marketplaces or websites which can drive traffic from Instagram directly to these places.

You can also do tag optimization as well. If you successfully create good content, don’t forget to share it on your Stories. There’s a chance that you can get Instagram story views free as well. Good, right?

Put Up The Good Photos

People love visuals. If you want your products to be sold fast, you need to put the best pictures you can take. You can adjust the photos so that your feeds can look more aesthetic. Or, if the whole thing seems confusing, you can hire a service from a social media designer. 

Feeds that look good visually may have a chance to intrigue more people compared to the ones that look clunky and damp. Besides using the Instagram like app, don’t forget to promote the posts you uploaded on other social media. You can add some variations by creating Reels or short videos that can be uploaded on other platforms.


And that’s the basic steps to market your brand on Instagram. Remember, these are only the basic steps that you need to take to make sure you’re going on the correct path. The competition along with tasks will get more difficult from the moment onwards. So be strong, and always be innovative.

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