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How To Sell CPU Time to a Cloud Network and Made Money

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According to Inc.Africa, world-beating companies are heavily investing in cloud computing to tap on its immense benefits. An example of such is Google which has spent $5.4 Billion to catch up with Microsoft and Amazon concerning profits from their cloud-based endeavors.

Similarly, Domhaines alludes to how you can generate passive income from selling your idle CPU Time. The amount will vary mainly depending on your CPU speed.

Typically you can earn anything between $1 and $5 per month if you have a single-core machine or even £100 or more per month, as claimed by Gomez PEER and Slicify. Nonetheless, the figures can go up, if you’re a company and have thousands of machines providing inventory.   

This article demystifies how I made a couple of dollars from one of the MetaQuotes’ company initiatives to bring the point home. I also highlight the benefits of the network, its value, what you can use it for, and how you can get the max out of it.

For starters, how did I get started?

To cut to the chase, I sold my CPU time to MQL5 Cloud Network, a trailblazing initiative on this side of things. Notably in the provision of optimization services to traders who need to create mathematical models or maximize on their Expert Advisors.

Here are the various phases of the process:

First up, I downloaded the platform’s Strategy Tester Agent. I then run the downloaded executable file as an administrator on my PC and got the following details:

  1. A general overview explaining how I can work with the agents.
  2. The services part that indicates how my CPU has been allocated different agents.
  3. A section to accept that I’m selling my computer resources through my account. And where to input my account details.
  4. Lastly I was provided with a section to select particular hours my CPU would be of service.

Most of the process is automatic except for the last two parts making the process simple. At the end of it all, I waited for one month to withdraw $500.00, part of my accumulated amount. 

However, the following are some conditions I observed before withdrawing from the network.

  • I ensured that there was money in my account. The maximum amount I could withdraw in a day was $500.00 and not more than once a day.
  • I had a PayPal account. Alternatively, I could have used other payment platforms, such as bank cards and WebMoney.

So, what are the benefits of using the platform?

Well, in maneuvering through the site, I realized the following advantages:

  1. Earns you cash in the long run. Money is the motivating factor at the end of it all, right? This platform does precisely that. After putting everything in place, you start earning money that instant without lifting a finger for an extended period.
  2. Just ensure that your money-minting assets are in good condition. The platform also provides a freelance job market you can explore for monetary gains.
  3. An easy-to-use platform. To get started, you simply register yourself on the and MQL5 Cloud Network and download the strategy tester from the latter. After installing it using the procedure mentioned above, you simply wait for the cash to trickle in. Easy-peasy, right?
  4. It is powerful and fast. The site integrates a new strategy tester developed from the solid MQL5 language, which usually optimizes expert advisor parameters instantly. This enables your CPU to crunch up as many calculations as it can per second. And what does this mean? More liquid cash in your account.
  5. In particular, a typical MQL5 Cloud Network optimization procedure can take some minutes, not hours, making the platform 150 times faster than others.
  6. Allows the scaling up of your services: The platform will enable you to add as many processing units as you can to your arsenal to bring in more money. This can be exciting news from an investor’s point of view.
  7. Includes thousands of computers: You may find this aspect helpful as an algorithmic trader, as your requests will be attended to right off the bat. As a result, bring in the much-needed convenience, especially if you want to run tons of optimization passes within a decent time frame.

Values of the MQL5 cloud network

Similarly, the platform incorporates several values, giving it a competitive edge over the rest. They include:

  • Fast calculations: the cloud network incorporates a new and extremely powerful, as well as quick strategy tester. All this can be attributed to the strong MQL5 language used to develop the trading strategies.
  • Not expensive: You’ll only have to part with a 10 percent commission as a service provider. The rest of the money you’d have generated goes into your account.

How to get the max out of the cluster

All said and done; I believe that you have the desire to get the most out of your services in terms of compensation.

However, this mainly depends on three things. That is:

  1. Your CPU’s performance rating (PR);
  2. The number of accomplished tasks;
  3. The number of cores your PC has.

Therefore, a three-core machine would undoubtedly generate more money than a single-core PC in similar working conditions.

If you’re renting out a one core machine to MQL5 Cloud Network, and your CPU’s performance rating is 100, you can earn up to 0.04 USD per hour. This translates to 28.80 USD per month if you rent out your CPU for a single hour each day.

I have an Intel Core i5 desktop and a quad-core machine in my case. And I rent out my CPU for 133 hours per week, as indicated in the picture above.

Calculating my possible daily, monthly and yearly profits or income in a tabular form gives the following:

Time range QuantPrice, USD / (PR*ms)  Agent PR Time, ms Amount, USD
19 hours 1.11111E-10 100 3 600 000 0,76
1 month 1.11111E-10 100 2 592 000 000 547,20
1 year 1.11111E-10 100 31 104 000 000 6566,40

As you can see, by renting out my CPU for 19 hours a day, I can make up to 6566,40 gross profit per year. On subtracting the 10 percent commission, I would remain with a net profit of 5909,76 USD. In this context, I can improve the profit by increasing the number of hours.

This tells us that, you can also maximize your earnings by:

  • Increasing the number of cores to quad-core like in my case;
  • Increasing the number of your service hours to at least 12, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your schedule.

Final thoughts

In a wrap, getting top-dollar from selling your CPU time isn’t as complicated as you may have thought.

 The most important thing is to arm yourself with a machine with decent processing capabilities, such as one with a quad-core processor or above. Besides, allocate adequate time to the program; for instance, at least 12 hours a day.   


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