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How to select the best software product development company for your project size over $100,000? A Checklist

Table of Contents: 

  1. Types of software development companies 
  2. The onshore development companies. 
  3. The offshore development companies. 
  4. The nearshore development companies. 

Tips to consider before choosing a software development company:

  • Set your expectations before starting the research. 
  • Get recommendations from others! 
  • Converse about coding 
  • Flexible development methods 
  • Portfolio 
  • Comprehend several software systems! 
  • Delivery time spotlight 
  • Having a market presence 
  • Community involvement 
  • Social media accounts 
  • Client reviews 
  • Development methodology 

Advantages of having custom software development services:

  • Tailored solutions 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Security 
  • Flexible 
  • Compatibility with assets 
  • Common Red flags to avoid. 
  • The cheap route 
  • Unreliable references 
  • Uncertain explanations 
  • The single strategy 
  • The missing rough estimate 

Type of software development companies:

  • Onshore, offshore, and nearshore are the types of software development companies. 
  • The parameter considered when choosing an outsourced software development company is the time zone differences in which the company operates. 
  • Onshore software development companies have a greater benefit of being in the same time zones but are also expensive. 
  • Comparatively nearshore companies have the benefit of being in the same time zone with cheaper software development rates. 
  • Offshore, companies operating in different time zones have the benefit of being cheaper in rates and being available. 

When choosing a software development company, the time zone must be considered as huge and complex projects need regular updates and run-time changes and major time zone differences may delay the decision-making process as well as regular updates too. 

Tips to consider before choosing a software development company:

  1. Set your expectations before starting the research
  • Be noticeably clear on what you want to build and then figure out how. Once you know you are what, how can be helped by the software development company. 
  • Find reference websites and software to give better clarity on your needs. 
  • Mention customization wherever needed. 
  • While building something from scratch always keep in mind the robustness and dynamicity of the software are necessary. 
  • This will not only keep the software evolution ready but also build a solid foundation for it to be used for a longer duration and keep its market credibility intact. 
  • Get recommendations from others
  • Ask around in your network. No one understands your business and project needs like your own network. 
  • Learn from their experiences and pick up the top five software development companies they recommend.
  • Converse about coding 
  • Writing clear codes is mandatory. Writing noncomplex codes for someone else to work on is a basic need. 
  • Following clean code practices must be the norm. 
  • Writing code while keeping others in mind is the ideal code. 
  • A clean, clear, and understandable code is the core of any good software development company’s code must be non-buggy. 
  • A post-development document is needed once the project is done. 
  • Flexible development methods 
  • Developing projects from scratch can be a tedious task and dynamic codes and methods are a basic need. 
  • Development methods like agile and scrum are the ideal ways for flexible development methods. 
  • Company Portfolio 
  • Search for previous work from companies and research the domains in which they have worked. Look for similar projects to yours. 
  • Company websites show their good clients and testimonials and reach out to them. 
  • Most Software development companies have their reviews from clients and colleagues on websites like Good Firm and Clutch do a thorough review check. 
  •  If you are searching for an offshore or nearshore software development company, make sure they have existing clients from your time zone and have worked on similar projects as yours.
  • Comprehend several software systems
  • Learn about several Technologies used for software development and get curious. Research on technologies and tech stacks used for related products developed. 
  • Read about the development process and technologies that you think can be a match for your dream software product. 
  • Make sure the company is skilled in the technologies you are shortlisting and has a proven record of delivering relevant products in the same. 
  • Delivery time spotlight 
  • Getting custom software products delivered on time is especially important, as it is not only about getting the product delivered but the after part that is unpredictable. 
  • The product once delivered needs to be checked and used to provide feedback and make changes before making it live. 
  • This can be uncertain if the software product development company does not have a proven history of delivering expected products in each timeline. 
  • Having a Market presence 
  • Getting due diligence done is so important nowadays. Before choosing the right software development company check their social media presence. 
  • See the reviews posted by their employees, and teams and the kind of posts they do. 
  • Teams with great culture show good teams and good teams make good products. 
  • Do all the research before moving forward. 
  • Community Involvement 
  • Software development companies with an involvement in the global IT community cannot be overstated. 
  • From attending global events and fairs to publishing whitepapers, e-books, and guides to articles and contributions to IT forms. 
  • Organizing get-togethers and webinars to provide open-source tools.
  • Social media Accounts 
  • Social media accounts reflect the overall mindset, culture, and expertise of a company. 
  • A diligent check on social accounts is necessary. 
  • Guage into the social accounts, read the blogs, posts, and newsletters they publish, and then decide. 
  • While choosing a software development company for B2B do not miss checking on LinkedIn. 
  • Check the frequency of posts, the quality, and the information on the posts and you will get an idea of its employees, location, business approach, and work. 
  • Client Reviews 
  • Exploring the company’s presence on different review portals will help you understand the overall experience people have with the company. 
  • Clutch, good firms, Glassdoor. 
  • These reviews are approved by the portals so there are company employees manipulating very slim chances of the reviews. 
  • Development methodologies 
  • Agile, scrum, and waterfall are the primary methods most good software development companies use. 
  • A fast delivery, customizable plan, updates on development flow, and communication tools are all part of it. You will be able to follow each stage of the project-building process. 
  • Every company implements agile differently. The above information will help you determine the level of the software development company. 

Advantages of having custom software development services: 

  • Tailored Solutions: One thing that works for a project may not work for another. Every project is different from others. Custom software development leaves a scope of in-depth analysis, the freedom to build things as and when required without external dependency, the scope of customization as much as needed, and all the controls to manage the software. 
  • Budget-friendly: Once you know what is to be built and how, things can be streamlined, arranged, and planned well in advance leaving a huge scope for budget development and prioritization of development. 
  • Security: Building custom software always gives you the upper hand when it comes to security. Open source commonly available framework’s themes and plans always have a high vulnerability scope. Custom software development helps there. 
  • Flexible: Who does not like things to work however they want especially when it is something about their dream project? Custom software development gives you flexibility and scope to dynamically change without compromising on the security and budget. 
  • Compatibility with assets: Organizations use a lot of other software for internal management and communication. Which are tough to integrate seamlessly with other commonly built software. Custom software development helps here where all the existing and future software are considered before execution and building of software. 

 It is rightly said, while building something if you know what you do not want to build you are halfway there successfully. 

Common Red flags to avoid:

  • The cheap route: Good things take time and effort. When you get an “incredible offer” there are often hidden factors associated with it, like post-delivery services, regular maintenance charges, hidden plugin or software updates that are paid, unresolved bugs and loopholes in the codes that compromise the security, etc. The easier route may not always be the right route, and the longer route is the best. Choose wisely and do your homework before choosing what works best for you the best. 
  • Unreliable references: A lot of software development companies choose to post false reviews, beware of them. Someone who has done genuine work will never want to hide them, especially to get new business. Phi shy reviews are a big NO. Anyone who hides or holds back information about their previous work or achievements is not serious about new business. 
  • Uncertain explanations: Software development is no less than going to war. There are so many aspects that are to be considered before it while building, and after it that need constant attention and feet actions. A team that is unclear about their plans to help you through the war is to be pushed out of the extended support list. Good teams build great projects together. No matter how technically efficient a software development company is, if they are not good at communicating problems and resolutions then it is tough to get through it single-handedly. 
  • The single strategy: In the always-evolving market of software development following one strategy can never be a clever idea. Dynamic market needs would need dynamic products to survive and lead in the market. Choose a team that is ready to evolve with your needs and provides solutions that are reshaped and fast-moving. 
  • Clear Pricing: Transparency is the key here. Any company that gives a clear estimate of cost is the right one. They know what needs to be done in how much time and what would be the cost to achieve it. Compare their rates with the market rates and move ahead. Remember it is always quality software products that survive. 


Going to war is not easy and neither are Software product development projects. It costs you money, time, and sometimes lifelong challenging work to achieve your dream product. 

Companies that are technically sound but not good at communicating are a bad match and vice versa. 

Try finding the perfect balance and transparently communicating company and your dream product could land up in everyone’s pocket very soon. 

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