How to Select Best RAM for Gaming

RAM for Gaming

RAM is one of the crucial parts of the computer system. RAM is also the primary memory of the computer which affects the overall processing of the computer. It generally serves processed data to the CPU for faster execution and results. The RAM is situated beside the CPU which means it has its own dedicated lanes to communicate with the CPU. There are many types of RAMthatare different for different types of computers. For example, the latest PCs use the DDR5 standard of memory which starts somewhere from 4800MHz. The most popular and widely used RAM type is DDR4 which has been used widely on many systems.

According to Gaming Silk, The RAM is the key component which means it has its role in delivering information faster to the CPU for further processing. There are many factors to consider before finding out how to select RAM for gaming. In this blog, we will cover a few focused features to look for in RAM to avoid bottlenecking and performance hitches.


The capacity of the RAM is the very first thing you should look for in a RAM stick. Mostly, the 8GB RAM stick is considered to pair up with another similar 8GB stick to form up a 16GB memory which is quite enough for modern-day gaming and general tasks. Look out for your requirement before buying a RAM kit.

DDR Series

DDR is the RAM type which is widely evolved throughout time. DDR is also known as the ‘Double Data Rate’ RAM type has different generations of which the DDR5 is the latest installment. One thing to mention is that not every DDR generation of RAM can be used on a specific design motherboard with certain generation support. In other words, you can’t tuck in DDR5 RAM onto the DDR4 motherboard and vice versa.

Frequency (MHz)

Frequency is the second most factor to look out for in a RAM to ensure a faster response. The frequency of the RAM is also called its overall speed because it determines the information being processed at a certain speed. The ideal frequency of RAM is 2,666Mhz for DDR4 and 4800Mhz for DDR5 RAM type.


The latency is the overall delay of the RAM in delivering the data to the processer. It is sometimes affected by the build quality and voltage regulation in the RAM. Lower latency means faster response time.


having many RAM sticks means as much multiplier to data supplied through RAM banks. If you are planning to have a maximum of 32GB RAM, we highly recommend usinga 4x8GB RAM stick configuration instead of a single 32GB stick or 2x 16GB stick. In this way, the RAM performance is doubled or quadrupled overa single kit.


XPG D60G is the latest DDR4 RAM in the top tier 3,000MHz+ category. It comes with a CAS latency of 16 and is available up to 3,600Mhz frequency. The D60G comes with a unique thermal shield with delightful light patterns across its chassis. The D60G has been seen overclocked up to 4,000Mhz to achieve better and beyond performance. Although there is also a 4,100MHz stock speed variant of this RAM kit which is rare to find in the market.

The D60G surprisingly does all this without having an extra feed to its voltage requirements. This makes the D60G an ideal choice while making a high-end gaming PC

Corsair Vengeance RGB

Corsair Vengeance RGB is the most selling RAM of 2021 and 2022. It is because of its availability across the globe. This most demanding RAM kit is available in 2 colors. There is the black scheme for dark-themed PC builds and a white schemed entity for frosty white PC builds. Both variants have a bar of vibrant RGB lights on top of it.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB is available in C16 CAS latency which is ideal for fast competitive gaming. The C16 latency ensures rapid processing and presentations. The Corsair Vengeance RGB comes in a pair of 2x8GB configurations which is ideal for gamers. The 2x16GB pack is generally for heavy workloads. There are also many variants of this RAM kit. You can have a 4,000MHz kit for all the rendering related workloads.

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