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How to Select a Company for Fridge Trailer Hire

Is it time to hire a fridge trailer? This can be an awesome way to expand your cold storage when you are popular with customers. You can store more items affordably, dealing with customer demands. What’s more, you have the opportunity to travel far and wide with all the equipment you need.

First, you need to choose a cold storage company. This is going to allow you to build on your success and get the right fridge trailer. With several companies out there, it can be difficult to spot the best one. Here are some tips on what you should look out for.

Fast Delivery is Available

Many businesses hire a fridge trailer because they encounter a problem with their cold storage. You need a fast solution and one that is going to ensure you have minimum waste. This is why you want to look for a company that offers fast delivery on their fridge trailers. It will ensure that you get the equipment you need with no hassle. 

For example, some cold storage companies will offer same-day delivery, which can be just what you need. This can happen with Icecool Trailers, and they have helped many businesses take things to the next level. Click on the link to read about the advantages of hiring a refrigerated trailer from Icecool Trailers. Indeed, this can include same-day delivery, which is useful for emergencies and when you are making last-minute business plans.

You Can Get a Quote

Every business is going to have unique needs, and you want a cold storage company that will accommodate you. It is best to avoid companies with standard prices advertised on their websites. You might find that you are getting charged more, which can be unfair for your business.

Instead, look for companies that offer a quote. They consider your individual needs and circumstances and provide you with a suitable price. This is a fair way to get a reasonable price and not be hit by higher charges because a company has a flat rate. Most companies will advertise the fact that they give you a quote.

Maintenance Included in the Price

You must consider what would happen if you hired a fridge trailer and encountered a problem. Any equipment that is used consistently might have an issue in the future. The key is to be prepared. In particular, you want to know what will happen with this type of hire. Will you have to deal with the problem yourself and pay the price?

Often, this is not the case with good cold storage companies. They will ensure that maintenance is included in the price you pay. If you encounter a problem, they deal with it quickly and handle the bill. This allows you to enjoy peace of mind and know that you do not have this type of expense.

Control Over Rental Terms

There are a range of reasons why you might be considering fridge trailer hire. Perhaps you are heading to a tradeshow for the first time and want to ensure you have everything you need. Alternatively, you could be expanding your cold storage and looking for an affordable way to do it. Either way, you want to feel like you are in control of rental terms to find a deal that suits you.

Therefore, look for a cold storage company that offers flexible rental terms. In other words, they allow you to decide how long you want to hire a trailer for. You can choose something that is short-term to suit your needs or you can opt for a longer period of time if you enjoy having the extra cold storage.

Ensure There are Good Reviews

Let’s not forget that you want to hear from previous customers. In particular, you want to know that they are satisfied with their fridge trailer and the process it took to hire one. Reading reviews is the best way to see if this is the case. Namely, you want to ensure there are plenty of positive reviews demonstrating that company’s customer service.

Always make time to read reviews. This can be the difference between choosing a good and bad cold storage company. Often, customers can help highlight a bad company that they have not had a good experience with. This can stop you from getting into a bad situation and regretting it later. Read the reviews on the company’s website and conduct a Google search to see more objective reviews left on other websites that are independent of them.


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