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How to Secure Admission to a Top Engineering College in the US

How to Secure Admission to a Top Engineering College in the US

Top engineering colleges in the US are extremely selective and the applicant pool is very competitive. 

This means that you have to show the admissions committee that you can simultaneously handle multiple roles and responsibilities, and many extracurriculars all while maintaining excellent grades.

These are the most important things that you need to know to secure admission to a top engineering school in the US:

  1. Improve Your Test Scores

You can safely assume that almost every applicant will be in the highest-ranking percentile when it comes to standardized test scores.

If you are taking the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, or any other standardized test, make sure you have a score high enough to even be considered. Low test scores are a big flag for engineering colleges as this shows an inability to grasp basic science and math concepts.

Keep in mind that you can receive a low score because of other sections like English and reading even after having excellent individual scores in the science and math sections.

However, there are other ways to compensate for a low score. You can choose to take individual subject tests to show your proficiency in science and math.

  1. Show That You Belong

Once you have the baseline scores to even get your application considered by the admissions committee, it is time to show them that you belong at their prestigious institution.

Try doing as much as you can in high school from joining the robotics team to running for student government and even volunteering for a cause you believe in.

All of these activities will show the committee that you are a well-rounded person aware of your impact on the world and can handle anything that gets thrown at you.

Additionally, you will be able to demonstrate curiosity and a sense of inquiry for the subjects that motivate you in the field.

  1. Build A Project Portfolio

The moment you start looking for extra-curricular activities such as joining clubs, you will get the chance to participate in many cool things such as a robot-building competition by joining the robotics club.

Once you have all of these experiences under your belt, start building an engineering portfolio. Top colleges love seeing that the lack of a college education has not stopped you from excelling in your favorite branch of engineering.

Build a portfolio that talks about each one of your projects, research endeavors, and activity that a college would like to see on your resume. 

Engineers rarely ever have a portfolio as compared to other fields that require one, so your application is sure to impress if it has one.

  1. Write A Perfect College Essay

We cannot stress enough just how critical admission essays are. If you do not stand out from the crowd then you are never going to make it through. Stop using the same old cliches and avoid going with the generic route as much as you can.

The more generic your essay, the lesser chances are that a prestigious university would consider you an ideal candidate. So make an extra effort to nail your application. 

You might even be asked to do a video interview along with your written essay. Make sure to think about each question carefully and research common video essay tips for college applications to have a better shot at being admitted.


All in all, securing admission to a top engineering college in the US requires a lot of hard work and dedication right from the start. You have to be the cream of the crop to make it.

Give it your all when you apply and show the committee why they need you at their institution!

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