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How to Scale Your Business’ Marketing Efforts Using Proxies

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Marketing stands at the core of any business. Without clients who become interested in your service or product, there’s no business. That’s why you must have a good business plan considering the pitfalls of your marketing tactics and how to improve them. Our recommendation is using ISP proxies to help improve and scale your marketing efforts. Below, we consider what ISP residential proxies are and how they can be used to enhance your marketing strategy..

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies use residential home devices’ IP addresses. As such, the IP address is one that ISP (Internet Service Providers) generate and is thus more secure. Because your IP address is from a residential device, your online traffic routes through these devices’ IP addresses. As such, it looks like a more natural connection.

Often, these residential proxies also rotate. Rotation is when your IP address changes to another within the large pool of residential devices. It makes your connection completely anonymous. It also makes it unlikely for any geoblocking or website limitations to apply.

Difference Between Residential and Datacenter

Besides residential proxies, there are also datacenter proxies, divided into shared and dedicated ones. The difference between those and ISP proxies is that while an ISP proxy server is directly connected to a home device, datacenter ones generate the IP address from a data center.

This feature can make datacenter proxies more easily detectable and less secure than residential ones. Datacenter proxies are thus better for other uses, like gaming, than your marketing efforts. However, because a residential proxy server is more secure and anonymous, it’s often slightly more expensive.

Five Examples of Scaling Your Marketing

Scalable marketing is a big part of your business, as your marketing should grow along with your business. Below, we consider five examples of how a proxy helps you scale your marketing efforts.

Enter Another Market

When opening a business, you often focus on one specific market. In this case, the proxy helps you cut out unnecessary data to ensure you receive data only from that one market. This filtering helps ensure your market research isn’t skewed and lets you better focus your efforts on the leads most likely to turn into clients.

However, the goal of any business is to grow, and when you start expanding, the geolocation services of a proxy make it easier to enter a different market. You can set your IP address to any market and collect market research in that specific area.

This targeting service helps you understand what leads in the new market want, how to structure your expansion, and what clients will be most accepting of. 

Gain Visibility on Search Engines

SERP is critical to growing any business, as it makes your company more visible on search engines. Most leads don’t instantly navigate to your site but search for a product on browsers like Google, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini.

With proxy servers, you can monitor your SERP to see how you can improve and conduct tests on what works. It lets you track keyword rankings, which is how you can determine what people are most likely to search concerning your product or service. This helps your content rank higher in SERPs which makes it more visible.

Improve Your Market Research

Doing marketing research manually can result in errors and wasted time. However, you can gather the necessary data instantly by using a proxy and a web scraper. Data gathered by a web scraper helps you filter the results to find essential information and gathers this data from various online sources.

Further, it also allows you to check on the competition. A big part of scaling your business and marketing is to make your company more appealing than others. By learning what your competitors offer, you can match them, make a better offer, or identify a gap in the market.

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Social media is critical in any marketing plan, as most people learn about new businesses using these platforms. Gone are the days of using the newspaper or flyers to advertise your service or product. Now platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more are used to reach people.

However, as your business grows, you might have to create more social media accounts to advertise the expanding venture better. Yet many social media platforms restrict how many accounts you can have on one IP address. You can use a residential proxy to bypass this restriction and assign new IPs to different accounts.

Analyze Your Marketing Efforts

As your company grows and you scale your marketing efforts to match, you must understand how your business’ ads are doing. With ISP proxies, you can complete ad verifications to ensure your purchased ads end up where they’re meant to be.

You can also ensure that counterfeit products or brands don’t operate under your brand name. Further, by gathering reviews, comments, and more, you can use these proxies to see what clients think about your brand.

Create Better Marketing Strategies

A scalable marketing plan means you don’t neglect any existing customers while expanding your efforts. It ensures you create a process and budget that helps smooth any scaling and creates excellent customer satisfaction even when focusing your efforts on a new market. ISP proxies come in many packages, meaning you can even scale your package as you require more features and can fit it into your budget.

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