How to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Your Car Insurance in the UK

Saving money on car insurance is quick and easy. It requires a few tips and tricks to guide you toward the process of finding a good deal. If you want to limit the cost of your annual premium, here are three ways that will entirely make your car insurance cost cheaper.

Compare, Compare, Compare

The prices of car insurance between different insurers are always not the same. Some are even cheaper while others offer higher charges than your current provider. So don’t just accept the renewal of your car insurance immediately it arrives on your doormat. There are lots of good deals available on different comparison websites. Log on to these sites and compare prices of different insurance companies. This way, you’ll see how much you can save by switching insurers. However, do thorough research about the company you are planning to purchase your insurance contents from as the cheapest insurer may not suit all your needs.

Keep Your Vehicle Secure

Securing your car has a positive impact on its insurance. Insurers offer lower premiums if you park your vehicle in a safe space such as a garage or driveway. Don’t put your motor at risk of theft or damage by leaving it overnight on the roadside. Another great way to improve your car’s security is to fit your vehicle with Thatcham approved immobiliser or tracker. These security devices not only cut down the cost of your car insurance, but they give you peace of mind. In fact, you can save between 10% and 20% on your annual premium just by fitting your car with one or two security devices, according to the Association of British Insurers (IBA).

Ask for the Available Discounts

Insurers are now offering plenty of discounts to their new customers. There are discounts for limiting your mileage, extra driving qualifications, multi-policies, modes of payment, telematics, and many more. Before accepting the terms and conditions of your new quote, ask the insurer about the available discounts. For example, some insurers will give a discount of £50 if you cut your annual mileage by 5,000 miles. Also, if you show evidence of completing special driving qualifications such as a certificate of pass plus course, you can get a discount of £10. Drivers with advanced driving skills are deemed safer and less likely to have an accident.

Saving extra cash on car insurance requires switching to a new insurer as well as taking advantage of available discounts. If you continue accepting auto-renewal of quotes, you’ll end up missing good deals out there. So pick up your smartphone and have a quick look at a variety of options offered by different insurance providers.

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