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How To Revamp Your Staircase

Staircases are often considered a centrepiece in the home and an important style feature in their own right. However, if you want to update your staircase, replacing it can be very expensive and not always necessary.

There are some more affordable and less drastic ways to refresh the appearance of your stairs however, according to the experts at Stair Crazy.  Read on to find out how you can give your staircase a mini makeover today.

Step-by-step guide for refreshing your staircase

Upgrading your stairwell doesn’t require a remodel – here are some ideas on upgrading your staircase décor.

Replace your spindles

New spindles can help to spruce up the look of your staircase. Also known as balusters, spindles are the vertical posts fixed on the base rail and beneath the handrail.

These stair parts are available in many designs and materials to fit all aesthetics and decors, including spiral spindles.

Spiral spindles are a bold style feature that can draw attention to your stairwell and add some much-needed flare.

This type of spindle brings a more traditional feel to your home – cast iron or traditional oak are excellent finishes that make your stairs look vintage and timeless.

However, for a more contemporary refresh, a simple square or round-edged spindle in a bold white wooden finish could be ideal.

Alternatively, you could remodel your staircase even more drastically by replacing spindles altogether with glass panels. This gives a really modern, clean appearance and can help brighten up dark hallways if you lack windows.

Invest in a new handrail

Your handrail or bannister is a safety component that doubles as a striking design feature.

Handrails run across your spindles and are available in various shapes and finishes.

A white oak primed handrail offers a smooth finish for a more modernistic setting. Or, make your stairwell even more contemporary with a squared design.

For a traditional refresh, how about a classic handrail with gentle grooves?

The choice is up to you.

Install new treads

A fresh set of treads will breathe new life into your stairwell. Treads are the horizontal steps on the stairs that we step on.

A bullnose tread is a fantastic way to add cosmetic appeal and make your staircase sturdier. Bullnose treads can be installed as the first step on your stairs and offer more width.

The rest of your stairs can benefit from matching treads. You could decide between varnished oak or cast-iron panels depending on your aesthetic.

If you’re feeling extra daring and have a large budget, why not opt for glass treads to modernise your space?

Paint your balustrade

If you’re happy with the balustrade you have, you can always add a splash of paint to refresh your hall.

Maybe you want to update your beech-coloured wooden balustrade – if so, a glossy white or deeper walnut colour could be the choice for your home.

This upgrade is budget friendly and can make a big difference to your décor.

Upgrade your staircase with stair parts from a trusted supplier

Sometimes all you need to refresh your space is a few upgrades. Be sure to purchase from a supplier that stocks premium quality stair parts to liven up your staircase and the appearance of your home.

From expertly crafted oak handrails to sturdy oak treads, shop from a wide range of stair parts to find the perfect upgrade.

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