How To Return Plate To Dmv Ny (New York)

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It would help if you surrendered your plates before your vehicle’s insurance coverage ends. If you fail to return your plate, the motor vehicle department may cancel the vehicle registration and suspend the driver’s license. 

As well as, if you want to register your vehicle other than in New York State, you will need to return your plates to the New York motor vehicles office. In addition, If you want to return another state’s license plate, visit the same state DMV office and return the license plate. You should not surrender other state plates to the New York DMV.

The motor vehicle department in Ney York will send the license plate surrender receipt (from FS-T) to your address registered on the license plates. If you live at another location or want to change your address, update it in the DMV office before surrendering your plate. The receipt will send to your new address. 

Remove plate frames and stickers from the plates. The motor vehicle department will not receive plates with stickers or frames. Do not give your plates to another person who may not responsibly return the plates to the DMV office.

Mail the plates to the DMV branch office, inserting them into the envelope cover.

  • 6 Empire State Plaza
  • Room B240
  • Albany, NY 12228

Also, you can make an appointment to return your license plates.

Do I Need An Appointment To Surrender Plates In NY

You must schedule an appointment if you want to visit the DMV office to return your license plates. You can find the appointment process in this website for New York DMV official website and make the appointment for license plates. Select the desired service, appointment time, and date to schedule an appointment for a DMV license plate surrender. After scheduling an appointment, bring the required identification documents and plates to the DMV office. 

Penalty for not returning license plates in NY

ou will need to pay the penalty if your insurance laps more than 90 days. Return the license plates immediately when your vehicle’s insurance has lapsed. The motor vehicle department cancels your vehicle registration or suspends your driver’s license if you can’t return the license plates in time. 

Can I Surrender My Ny Plates By Mail?

Yes, you can surrender the Ny plates by mail or visit the DMV office in person by making an appointment. Find the mailing address mentioned earlier in this post. Also, you can visit the DMV office by scheduling an appointment. When surrendering your license plates, consider DMV timings and their guidelines. 

How long do you have to surrender your plates in NY

You can surrender the license plate within 90 days if you fail to pay the penalty. You must surrender the plates within the prescribed period. Or else pay the penalty to the New York DMV. The New York DMV penalizes you if you fail to surrender your license plates within a given period. You must follow the DMV guidelines to surrender your plates to the DMV office. In addition, you can submit the plates to any DMV branch office in New York state. 


You must surrender your license plates within 90 days after your vehicle insurance is expired. Pay the penalty to the DMV office after the vehicle’s liability insurance expires. Surrender your plates timely to avoid cancellation and suspension of your driver’s license. You can make an appointment or mail the plates to the DMV office. Please do not give your license plates to unworn persons to surrender them to the DMV office. If you have any questions, ask us in the comment box. 

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