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How to Reset a Hisense TV Without & With Remote

Hisense TV is one of the primarily used TV setup paired with smart universal remotes for easy access to multiple devices and entertainment streaming, matchless to any other form. Pairing a single remote solves multi-device access to several devices in a single go. However, technical glitches can be a part and parcel of the entire process. so, in order to handle the same, you can follow the below described practices.

How To Factory Reset A Hisense Tv

Factory reset is the simplest way to fix any of the firmware issues with your Hisense TV. In order to reset a Hisense TV, you need to follow the following steps-

  1. Open the “support” option from the main menu and select “Self-Diagnosis” and hit enter or ok.
  2. Next, scroll downwards to search for “Reset” option.
  3. Enter the device code and your device resetting, automatically. 

The entire process would take a few minutes and the final rebooting will happen to complete the reset process.

Where Is The Reset Button On My Hisense Tv

The reset button is very easy to find for your Hisense TV. Enter the “Main Menu” of the TV and look for “Support” option. Herein, scroll down to search for the “Reset” option. As soon as you find it select the same and press “ok” or “enter”. This is where you can find the “Reset” button for your Hisense TV. 

How To Factory Reset Hisense Roku Tv

In order to reset the Hisense Roku TV, firstly, one needs to find the pinhole “Reset” button located towards the back of the TV, close to the antenna, audio connections and the HDMI. Use any clip or pin to press and hold the pinhole for 20 seconds and release. This will restart the TV after reset.

Where Is The Power Button On My Hisense Smart Tv

It is very easy to locate the “Power” button of the Hisense smart TV. Follow the red light on your TV first, just follow the line and you will get the power button, underneath the TV.

My Hisense Tv Won’t Turn On Red Light Flashes

Every Hisense TV’s red light blinks are connected with certain codes from universal remote such as rca, ge etc.. in absence of these, sometimes the red flashes might not appear. Red light flashes have different meaning ranging from 2 flashes, 3 flashes, 6 flashes to 10 and many more. But, if there isn’t any red light flash, this needs to be fixed. Right from a faulty backlight to some major technical issues would lead to this. Just reset your Hisense TV following the above mentioned steps and things should get fixed. 

How To Reset Hisense Tv With No Picture

If a blank screen is troubling you even after the TV is on, unplug your TV and wait for next 60 seconds. Hold the power button for 30 second and wait further. Reconnect and start your TV after 60 seconds, this will reset the TV and solve your problem. 

Hisense Roku Tv Won’t Turn On Red Light Blinking

In case your TV isn’t switching on but the red light is blinking, here are the meanings to it-

  1. 2 times: faulty backlight
  2. 3-4 times: internal circuit board issue
  3. 6 times: motherboard or invertor issues
  4. 10 times: Bad LED strips or fault in power board.

Resetting your TV will sort most of these issues.

Why Is My Hisense Tv Not Turning On

There could be a few reasons due to which your Hisense TV might not turn on. In order to fix this, you can go for the power-cycle method. Begin with unplugging the TV from the main power input, next, press and hold the “Power” button of the TV for at least 15 seconds. Now wait for next 30 seconds to let the system process. Now, plug the TV again, it should work now. 


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