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How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

How can you remove negative energy from your home? It’s all very well to tinkle around the place, enhancing the vibe, but sometimes we need heavier-duty solutions.  If you have a Spotify account and would like to discuss this topic with bigger audiences on your podcast, buy Spotify followers and get ready for more visibility.

Hey Mystic!

I did a Google search about this and didn’t find any answers I trusted: Have you ever gotten sick after a house cleanse? 

Having found out he was sleeping behind bins in Edinburgh, I did a fellow grad student a favor. I told him he could sleep on my couch for a few days to get his shit together. I knew he was a problem child, but didn’t realize to what degree. He had an alcohol withdrawal seizure within 24 hours of staying here. While the paramedics were questioning him, I learned he has a whole host of alcohol-related problems for one of which he is prescribed morphine, etc. He was here a few days after getting released from the hospital, and it was nerve-wracking. 

How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Orb When It’s Actually Dark

SO as you can imagine, after he left, I washed EVERYTHING in the room, sprinkled salt with lemon and cypress everywhere, and let it sit for a day. Then I vacuumed it up and smudged it with the Mugwort. I freestyled a rhyming chant about how the negative and quite frankly unstable energy needed to float out the open window. It was my house, and anything other than my energy and safe space vibes was not welcome. 

Ten minutes later I was throwing up in the toilet; I did smoke cigarettes last night and had been feeling a tad nauseous in the morning b/c of that, but I’d taken a shower post-vacuum and was feeling completely fine when I went to do the smudge. WTF? Have you heard of this happening? Like, would the energy have attached to me? Did I piss off some ghost that I didn’t know I have in my house? I have smudged and cleansed before in a very similar manner (last on the full moon on NYE) and never felt sick. 

Wondering if I should get a Reiki Master in here or something,


People With Severe Addiction Issues Are Vulnerable To Earth-Bound Entities And Auric Leakage

Dear She-Rat,

Your situation sounds Eclipse Zoned, sad, and stressful.   It makes me think of Clare Booth Luce’s wry comment; no good deed goes unpunished. House Witchery Mp3If you have not listened to it yet, get my rant as it has a heap of info about this sort of thing. This must-have bought up depth, Pluto-style emotions for you!

And yes, people with severe addiction issues are classically more open to earth-bound entities and auric leakage. They are also obviously more prone to scenarios that lead to frequent engagement with Mars-Saturn energy in the form of police, paramedics, etc.  So it is quite likely that such a situation left a shitty etheric trail through your lair.  It also feels fateful – as in he could have had the seizure in the street, with no help readily available, and suffered worse consequences. Your intervention was a part of a broader story.

Anyway, if serious ghost-entity busting is required, definitely call in a druid, Feng Shui person or energy practitioner.  My Feng Shui woman is excellent and works all over the world via the marvels of Google Earth.

House Witching Can Cause A Herxheimer Reaction Of The Psyche

BUT I have two theories here:

Theory 1:  You did such a good job cleansing that your body-soul-mind complex is now revolting against anything toxic, such as smoking. You’ve forced an etheric detox via the Mugwort.

Remember that this is THE most potent magical herb of all. “Mugwort” was a name invented to throw witch-hunters and Pagan persecutors off the trail. The real name Artemisia – or herb of Artemis – sounded just too damn magic. So if you go waving that around the joint, you will shift some energy.

Theory 2: Is there some weird lesson here around your nurturing impulses or boundaries being breached via you over-valuing the role of being the “kind” one? What IS the lesson here? Once you have ascertained that, energy seems to lift.

I think you’ve made a brilliant space clear. Think about the above two theories and play either some Tibetan chants – Green Tara if you like Buddhist energy or the Elemental Chant.  It’s eerie old geomancy magic. Once you know the lyrics  – they’re pretty easy to chant yourself: The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, Return, Return, Return, Return.

Or try Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding Binaural Beats? They settle your vibe and then you’ll be calm enough to really remove negative energy. Or, it will just remove itself.

What does everyone else think?

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