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How To Register On Various Websites Without Phone Number For Verification

As you will very well know – especially if you sign up for different apps and services online – you’ll always need to complete some kind of verification. This could be by email or other means, but 9 times out of 10, you’ll have to do this via SMS message to your phone.

But nowadays, more and more of us are becoming reluctant to give away our digits. Why? Because it’s exactly that, a personal number. We’re all aware that giving out our number to such companies doesn’t protect you from the many security issues online (more on this later). So with this in mind, how can one go about registering on a new website without using your number for verification?

How Can I Register on Websites Without Phone Number Verification?

Rather than compromising your online security once again, there are other ways to register online without having to give up your number to receive an SMS with a verification code. Why not maintain a much higher level of security by using a fake phone number? Services such as AnonymSMS offer countless different numbers online to receive SMS verification messages. With this service, all you will need to do is select the number you want to use (there are many from all over the world), input it as if it were your number, and wait for your SMS to appear on the screen. Who knew such a simple yet effective service existed, and for free?!

So because of this, the way we register on websites and new services has effectively changed for the better, forever. Gone are the days when we have to weigh up whether or not it is worth inputting our number, once again adding to the digital trail of our online accounts. Now we can sign up for the services we want, all in a much more secure way. 

Why Is It Important To Have The Choice To Use Such Services?

There are an infinite number of reasons to use an online SMS service, but the primary reason is to increase your level of online security. Within this, there are different aspects. Firstly, think of your cell or mobile number as a link in the chain of your online activity. In principle, your number is the only thing that links you to every application you sign up for and every service you use or buy. This creates somewhat of a digital footprint. If there is the option to use a fake number to receive SMS online, for free, don’t we deserve that level of privacy? We think so.

Next up we have the issue of sales and marketing. Every time you enter your number online, the chances are that it will be sold for sales and marketing purposes. While this may seem morally wrong, it certainly doesn’t stop them from doing it! It’s extremely likely that – if you enter your number – you’ll periodically receive SMS messages and phone calls, all trying to sell you things that chances are, you will not be interested in. 

AnonymSMS – What Is It?

AnonymSMS is a free online service whereby you can receive SMS messages online, eliminating the need to input your number. All of the numbers listed on the website are real SIM numbers, so no red flags will appear to the service that is sending the message. Any SMSs received to this number will appear on the website only. 

How Does It Work?

Using AnonymSMS couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is go on to their website, select the specific country code you want to use (this is your choice – you don’t need to be located in the country of the number that you choose to use), and then choose the number you want. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is input this number into the field of the service that is asking you for your cell number for verification. As soon as this is submitted, your SMS message with the verification code will appear on the website after a quick refresh. Quick, simple, and incredibly user-friendly! 


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