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How to Reduce Packet Loss


When you test your packet loss on this website and you find out it is not working in your favor, then you should do a bunch of things to remedy that. After all, you would want to be acknowledged as one of the best gamers out there and that won’t happen if you did not get the result that you were looking for. Identifying the causes for the packet loss could be a good way to start. There can be a bunch of causes so you would have no choice but to try plenty of things so that you would be headed in the right direction. Here is how to reduce packet loss using a bunch of simple yet effective strategies:

Replace Networking Wires

If you have been using your networking wires for quite a long time then you should accept the fact that it is finally time to get rid of the old and get on with the new. Besides, you can rest assure you will cement your name as one of the best in the world and try to get withholding taxes in due. You can head over to the nearest hardware store and get an item that will likely benefit you in the long run. There is no harm in asking the people there about which networking wires take advantage of the recent advancements in technology. Of course, you should never forget to test these things before taking them home. If you fail to do so then you can experience quite a bit of a hassle when you find out you buy a faulty product and you can only blame yourself for that as you would have no choice but to go back to the store.

Strengthen WiFi Signal

It is possible the packet loss is caused by a low Wifi signal. There is a chance many devices can be connected to the Wifi at the same time so you should just disconnect some of them especially if you are not using them. It is also possible the connection is being hindered by a thick wall. As a result, moving a bit closer to the router can remedy your problems if it is not too hard to do so. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a strong signal if you are close to the router according to this website

Restart Hardware

According to this source, it is possible there are several bugs ongoing in your computer which would hinder your productivity in more ways than one. The way to stop all of that would be to totally restart the computer. Believe it or not, it won’t really take you that long to do so. When you are back there, all the programs you were not using were automatically exited. You can just concentrate on the stuff that you would want to run right now in order to reduce packet loss. It won’t make too much sense to run programs that you are not currently using anyway.

Swap Cable for Wireless

The same website says that it would be a lot better to use cables instead of wireless connections. After all, you can bet the Internet connection will immediately get a huge boost once you do this. You won’t regret doing it and when you run out of cables, then go buy a new one. We all know how buying a new one won’t really cost that much as you would just spend a few dollars for a good investment. It would be a lot better when your device is directly connected to the router. There is no chance of the Internet connection slowing down that way and you can look forward to a whole new level.

Replace Deficient Hardware

It would be absolutely pointless to keep up with hardware that is not really performing as well as it used to. We all know everything comes to an end so you would be better off getting rid of this altogether. When that happens, you can look forward to the performance of something that is totally brand new. As a result, you can go to the nearest hardware store and buy new items that would really please you. When you get a view of all the nice features that it comes with, you can feel a bit confident with your purchase. You can ask them a bunch of questions that would make you a bit happy and think that it was worth every penny. 

Check All Connections

Make sure that all the connections are installed in the right way. After all, one or some of the connections can be a bit loose. If that happens, then you can expect some things there to not go as planned. If you don’t want it your way then you can bet there to be many things to look forward to when all the connections are stable. It is as simple as removing all connections to the ports then putting them all back again. There will be some indications on your computer that you did just that. They would confirm it and let you know that you did so. No matter how many connections there are, you should check out each and every one of them to make sure they are all working fine and dandy. One connection that is not working fine and you could be looking at such a huge problem that needs to be fixed.

In order to find out that you were quite successful in reducing the packet loss, you can really test it again on Device Tests. What’s awesome about this website is that you get to check a whole lot of things without downloading anything. We all know how big of a risk that would be because you can’t really tell how that is all going to go down as it is possible you will get a virus especially if it is from an unreliable source. With Device Tests, you can ensure getting results in a matter of seconds as long as you follow all the instructions that are provided.

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