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How to recover from scam

Suppose you want to invest your money in the best investment scheme without facing any scams. But if you face any scam and are looking for any legit website that provides you the complete recovery of your money. Then the best option is to select the iis-refunds for your recovery services.

Now the question that arrives in your mind is, is iis-refund legit?

Our answer is “Yes, iis-refunds is legit. If you are looking for professional funds recovery service online, Intelligence Investigation services are the best professional recovery service online. will help you to recover any investment lost to stock trading scams, cryptocurrency scams, and binary options scams.

If you are a great investor looking for the best place, then is an investment platform that offers the best gains for your passive income. But, the reality about the bit base option is that it is precarious, which means you can face many severe problems regarding your money.

If you don’t want to face any money scam, you need to stay out of it, but if you already invest a massive amount of money in it, you face a big scam. And now you want the complete recovery of your money, and then you need to avail yourself of the different scam recovery services from iis-refunds. 

Because it not only provides you the complete recovery of your money and tells you about different ways to make your money safe and secure forever.

If you are interested in the crypto niche, you can invest your money in because it also deals with different cryptocurrencies. But many scammers on this platform want to keep their personal information private from their website and try to snatch your personal information and money.

If you don’t want to become a part of any of these scammers, then you need to stay alert about the different messages you receive from them.

There is a lot of unwanted stuff and pictures available on the website through different scammers, and once you click on the link, you can show your information to them. They can easily steal your information and your money.

Another problem you might be facing from is that their mode of operations is so tricky and complex, and it becomes difficult for a layperson to perform these operations efficiently. 

Suppose you want to make yourself authentic on the website. In that case, they provide you with a certificate, and unluckily scammers can quickly get your certificate and misuse your information.

Possible fraudulent activities that you can face because of unauthorized scam broker at website:

Here is a list of different reasons why we have sagged this dealer as a scam dealer on the platform of :

  • The scammers can quickly make some false claims via its website.
  • As for their Bonus and Withdrawal procedures, the laws and constraints are also not considered legitimate, and different scammers only prepare some of these statements.
  • These false dealers and scammers continuously call you and tell you that you agree to invest a large amount of money. 
  • They always promise to return you a high amount of profit, and they don’t do so. 
  • They permanently hide the risk warnings and try to make fool to the innocent customer and get their money, which becomes difficult to recover.
  • They always try to show you that they live in the same century and your nearby area, but they live in countries famous for different kinds of scam brokers.
  • They show you that by high investment, you are getting a high amount of profit; when you want to draw your money, you can’t withdraw and lose your actual money with the profit.

After reading the above points about, I thought it was a suspected scam. It is suggested that you invest less money in it. 

But if you had not learned before and invested your money there, you face a scam. Then it would be best if you were not worried about it. You can quickly recover your money by using different recovery services from iis-refunds.


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