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How to recover from bit bank scam

Suppose you face any bit bank scam and are looking for any legit website that provides you the complete recovery of your money. Then the best option is to select the iis-refunds for your recovery services.

Now the question that arrives in your mind is, is iis-refund legit?

Our answer is “Yes, iis-refunds is legit. If you are looking for professional funds

recovery service online, Intelligence Investigation services are the best

professional recovery service online. will help you to recover any investment lost to stock trading scams cryptocurrency scams, and binary options scams.

The best base that launched in japan in the year of 2016. the primary purpose of bit bank is to launch a digital currency against the japan currency, with the help of which the coin-to coin trading becomes easy, and consider the best trading option.

The new trading exchange system grabs the target audience’s attention, but at the beginning, it becomes difficult for the client to deal with this exchange process, but with time, people like it more and want this trading system in their every trade.

You can use it on desktop and Android phones without difficulty.

Although it is the best thing that provides you with the best trading facility by using digital currency, before doing any trading, be careful about different kinds of scams you might face whenever you go through any transaction.

If you’ve been scammed during any transaction in trading, you don’t need to probe devastated because of what happened to you and not worry about the stolen fund. It s could be recovered quickly by getting recovery services from 

Here are some simple steps that you need to follow, and there is a guarantee of 100% recovery, and in this way, you can quickly get your money back within a few days.

Look For The Transaction Identification (ID) Code that you use for transactions:

if you want to do any transaction. You need to find out the transaction code that the scammer might use to steal different crypto investors’ money.

With the help of this identification code, it becomes easier for investors and authorities to easily trace down the way through which scammers steal your money. Try to keep a record of each transaction. It becomes easy to recover your money if you face any scam.

Monitor Your Credit limit after every transaction:

If you feel you can face a scam in an online transaction, quickly checking out your credit is the most important thing. Suppose your credit is going to be less continuously without transactions. It means that you have been scammed, and in this way, you lose your money quickly.

Once you realize that you are facing a scam, you need to identify and gather the complete details about the scammer and provide this information to the recovery service provider company so that they can quickly recover your money.

Document The Scam in proper format , with detailed information if possible:  

if collecting the crucial information about the scam, you need to make a proper document of it and write all the required information about the scam. This accurate and authentic information will help you quickly get back your money from the scammer and make it safe and secure in another place.

If you have complete details, it becomes easy for you to trace down the hacker properly and take some legal action against it to recover your money completely.

Notify The Crypto Exchange, if face any type of scam:   

If you want to make any transaction of your money from your crypto account and then send it to the scammer, it becomes easy to report the scam by providing this information to your service provider. Using this information, they can quickly get back your money without facing any problems.

Try to Report The Scam To The Authorities as soon as possible: 

if you want the complete recovery of your money, you need to quickly report the scam to the legal authority as soon as possible.

When you submit a scam application, after seeing it, the authority tries to track down the criminals and get your money back from them urgently. So if you face any scams, don’t hesitate to contact your government so they can easily take some essential steps to recover your money.


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