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How to recover from scam

These days the trend of online earning is going to be increased; now, educated people want to get different kinds of online jobs and earn money. Because they think online earning is one of the easiest ways to earn massive amounts of money quickly. 

Although this trend is increasing, the number of scammers who want to get money from innocent people through scam tricks will also increase. Besides this, the trend

Cryptocurrency has also become more popular, and that is why more people like to invest in digital currency and want to get high earnings.

With increasing this trend, many other currencies are introduced, and the scammer snatches the personal information of the user. So if you don’t want to face any scam, and you need to have a legit The solution is available 24/7 to recover your lost money urgently, iis-refunds.

Now the question that arrives in your mind is iis-refunds legit?

Our answer is “Yes, iis-refunds is legit. If you are looking for professional funds recovery service online, Intelligence Investigation services are the best professional recovery service online. will help you to recover any investment lost to stock trading scams, cryptocurrency scams, and binary options scams.

What is

It is an online cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows every type of user to come and invest their money in cryptocurrency and get massive profits within a few days. You can invest in any currency of your own choice. There is no restriction that you specifically invest in the particular currency if you want to get massive profit.

But once you invest your money, they ask you to collect some more, and after a colossal amount, you can get it only by drawing your money. In this way, you need help to draw your money with your profit.

So when you want to invest any money in cryptocurrency using this platform, you need to be aware of this scam. Company Rating:

If you visit this website, you must focus on its owner identification. Still, the owner hides its identification from all the visitors, creating many problems for the visitors.

Although you might hide your identification because of some issue, the client does not understand your problem, considers you a fraud and scam, and never likes revisiting your website.

Although it is a new company, the reviews on the website could be better, which increases suspiciousness about the company.

Website Review:

It is considered a new website, but according to the Tranco ranking of bbinexchange could be slow, so it is not considered a trustworthy website; according to different websites, the information given on the website needs to be more accurate. So it becomes challenging to find whether it is authentic or a fake site.

If you look at its SSL check, then according to this certificate, it is considered an authentic and valid website. If you check its DNSFilter information, then it is a safe and secure website. But be careful if you. 

Technical Review:

It always provides you with all those facilities that the other low-quality and low-trusted websites provide to its user.

The payment method uses is not authentic, so you might face scams if you do any transaction through this method. And it becomes too difficult to get your money back if you face any scam. 

Bad reviews:

Just like many other websites, it also has many bad reviews. Not all visitors like to visit it, so people consider it a cam and a fraud. It is recently registered, but there are many bad reviews about it. Based on this, people mark it as fraud and scam.


It is considered a fraud or scam, so it is highly recommended to stay out of it and never try to invest any money in it, either they said that they provide you with tremendous profit. 

And never share your personal information with time at any cost. If they said to log in through any link, never try to open it and ignore any call if you receive it from any unknown source.


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