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How To Rebuild Your Marriage During Separation

Getting married to the love of your life is the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s a blessing to find true love but as the days pass, your relationship may lose its charm. Even the happiest marriages go through hard phases and many fail to survive. When things go bad, all the vows you made by the altar become meaningless. It becomes impossible to live together with the same person you once fell in love with. Constant arguments and conflicts often make it difficult to feel the same amount of passion and love for your spouse. As you begin to fall out of love, you and your spouse may decide to split. When couples find themselves in an unhappy marriage, they do not always decide to get divorced. Often couples agree on separation- informal or legal separation.

Separation is a common choice among couples as it allows them to spend some time away from their spouse to avoid arguments and rethink their relationship. However, this can also make you distant from each other and lead to divorce.

Is It Possible To Save Marriage After Separation?

If you and your spouse have amicably and mutually agreed to separate then you might be wondering how to make things better again. Getting separated may seem an easy solution but later couples start wondering if is it now possible to get back together. The simple answer is unless you’ve got divorced, there’s always hope to rebuild your marriage. If you need to know how to repair a marriage during separation, here are some useful tips.

  1. Keep in Touch

Spending time away from each other doesn’t mean closing communication lines. When you both are physically apart, it becomes necessary to stay in touch to know how the other is doing. Even if you are separated, keep talking to each other. Completely cutting off communication could make your spouse even more distant from you. However, when talking or texting each other, make sure to avoid repeating those same arguments. Instead of criticizing your partner, pick light conversation topics. Making your spouse feel hostile will only serve to confirm their decision to divorce. Try to resolve issues with pleasant talks and tell your partner that you miss their presence.

  1. Consider Marital Issues

Couples consider separation primarily to reflect on their marital problems while spending time apart. When living together, there are constant arguments which make it difficult to think clearly and may even prompt to take harsh decisions. Separation allows you to spend time apart, get some space, and work on the problems you’re having. When couples are constantly at odds with each other, it can be difficult to approach marital problems objectively. During separation, it becomes easy to analyze your problems and think clearly. Evaluate your actions, and think objectively. And try to see the situation more clearly. Recall your fights to think about what your behavior was and if you need to make some changes. If your behavior is exacerbating the problem, try to change it.

  1. Express that You’re Willing to Reconcile

Marriage is teamwork. Things aren’t going to work out if only you’re thinking about getting back together again. When talking to your spouse during separation, make sure to tell him/her that you want to make things better and get back together. Instead of simply asking what’s going on in their life, communicate your desire to resolve issues and make your marriage work again. It’s important to tell them about your intentions, otherwise, your spouse may lose hope thinking that you’re not willing to get back together again. However, don’t force anything on your partner. Be gentle and take things slow. Give your spouse some time and reasons to decide if he/she wants the same.

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