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In today’s fast-moving world, technology is one of the prominent things that is constantly evolving and developing with time. Every day we see new apps being developed to ease out our tasks and help us with our daily life. These apps range from grocery apps to editing apps, mobile banking applications to educational apps and the list goes on. Mobile app developers are constantly trying to provide the best services to their consumers. However, sometimes they don’t get their expected results when it comes down to measuring the customer usage or success rate. The problem is often not in the app itself, but the marketing strategy or promotional technique they have used for the promotion of their app. Either it doesn’t reach the correct target or it is not planned out correctly which often leads to such results.

In this blog you will get an insight on how to promote your app in the right way to get desired results or to increase consumer rate. Majority of mobile app developer also use these techniques or strategies to market their apps and grab the attention of their users.


One of the best ways to promote your app even before creating it is knowing your customers or app users. In simpler terms, you must have an idea about who will be using your app, what are they looking for in an app and how well your idea of the app is going to deliver that. This knowledge automatically helps in the making of your app as well as in promoting your app as users know that their concerns and demands have been heard and once your app is in the market, they’ll be the trusted consumers who will use the app immediately. It is not necessary to reach out to hundreds of people for this step, you can easily build a connection by asking questions from people in your immediate circle or take a sample population of people your app will be targeting which will in return help in promoting your app.   


Another important factor in app promotion or marketing is reaching out to the correct audience or target population. For instance, if you promote an app made for mobile banking in a college setup, there are great chances that a lot of students won’t even pay attention to what you have to offer. But if you promote your app in an office setup or somewhere where people might be interested in what you have to offer, the chances of consumer consumption will increase. It is pretty important to reach the right audience for the promotion of any app. 


Nowadays, the majority of people use social media. It is strongly believed that mobile app developers or anyone who has access to social media can show tremendous progress if they use it wisely and strategically. There are millions of platforms where like minded people build healthy connections, people run successful businesses or promote their already existing businesses through social media and take other benefits from different sources. In other words, social media has tremendous power that can’t be denied and to use this power correctly is something that can help in marketing or promoting an app to get the maximum results. Mobile app developers should use their social media platforms strategically. They can do this through:

  • Using the correct social media platform like Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc; to engage with maximum amount of audience.
  • Having good and active connection with consumers, influencers, like minded people or people of the same community.
  • Entertain reviews of users and be open to constructive criticism .
  • Take active part in influencer marketing and PR drives. 
  • The more social media visibility one will offer, the more it’ll be beneficial for the promotion of the app.


Your marketing or promotional strategies or your developed app, both will never grasp the attention of the consumers until and unless there are visually appealing graphics used in the making or promotion of the app.  Certain tips have proven to be beneficial for mobile app developers that we’ll be reviewing further:

.     Creating an eye-catching icon for the app.

  •  Releasing a promo or teaser of your app which will highlight the purpose of the app, its key features and how it will benefit the consumer.
  •  Post regular updates or information about the updated versions of your app through videos or pictures.
  • Making attention grabbing content for your social media accounts with relevant captions.
  • Delivering more knowledge but in a precise way by using tables, pointers, headings etc.
  • Always keeping it minimalistic and theme-based instead of keeping it bold and loud.


Having good connections in industry is really important for growth and progress, but at the same time it is also important to keep an eye on the competitors in the market. In other words, it is important to maintain a healthy competition for your own progress and knowledge. Planning out a marketing campaign while keeping your competitors in mind will help you in planning a unique and innovative strategy to promote your app. Key points which a mobile app developer should keep in mind while looking out for its competitors or their developed apps are:

  • Using their app and understanding what the competitor has to offer in the market.
  • Knowing how you can develop your app or promote your app in a different and unique way to engage more customers as compared to your competitor.
  •  Critically analysing or paying attention to the details of dos and don’ts of marketing that your competitor has been following.

.    Learning from the mistakes of your competitors and not repeating the same mistakes while developing the app or promoting the app. 

  • Keeping an eye on their social media accounts, email marketing tactics and digital marketing strategies.

.    Observing the kind of content they upload for their users and how they deal with their consumers. 

  • Asking for reviews from people who have used their app to understand the viewpoint of a customer and making sure your app caters to their needs and demands.


Having a website is one of the beneficial ways one can promote their app. Most consumers, when they use Google for searching related apps, they might land on your website. It is important to have an updated and smoothly running website with proper information, key features and services your app has to offer. Consumers might get interested in the first few minutes of reviewing your website, so it is important to have a prominent CTA (call to action) and the link to your app for their convenience. Another factor helpful in promoting your app is app visibility in app stores aka App Store Optimization (ASO). For this purpose, it is important to use relevant keywords that highlight the key features of your app. Once this is done, your app will get highlighted or appear instantly on the list as soon as someone will search for it. Another helpful way is by using paid promotions or ads for your app that will promote the visibility of your app; on the app market.


With a vast variety of apps available in the market, consumers often get confused or scared to use the app you have to offer. This situation can be dealt with only one strategy and that is to build a trustworthy and loyal relationship with your customers and make sure that customer care service is available for the consumers of the app. A healthy relationship with the customers ensures:

  • Acknowledging and sorting out any issues the customers have.
  • Being available for your users, whether it’s related to answering their queries, solving their confusions or dealing with constructive criticism.
  • Getting more attention and consumption through honest reviews.
  • Knowing the updates or corrections your app might need to do better.
  • Building a safe and trusted community for the customers.


Last but not the least, another source of promoting your app is marketing through email. As out-dated as it sounds, this technique actually helps in generating positive results for app promotion. In order to run successful email marketing campaigns, a list of your users or relevant people is made who are then provided with the information regarding upgraded versions of your app, special offers and regular updates. 


To successfully promote your app, no one technique on its own can deliver optimum results, it is important to use a mixture of these techniques, experiment with what works out best for you or your app and then implement the technique to see the results. In other words, it’s a matter of critical analysis and planned implementation.

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