How to promote DeFi crypto project for success

The boom of decentralized finance (DeFi) has welcomed a huge amount of value to the industry. As of this writing, DeFi Market data shows that a total of $42.98 billion worth of assets are already held in DeFi projects.

If you are a developer and you want to launch your own DeFi initiative to the market, your job does not simply end in ensuring the quality of the protocol you’re building. Promoting it effectively so you can reach your target market belongs to your priorities as well. Even if your platform is good, it will be difficult for it to take-off if it does not get the visibility it needs.

Promoting Your DeFi Market

The common strategy used by digital marketers involves the use of search engine optimization (SEO) tools, Facebook advertisements, social media campaigns, and others. However, it can’t always be viable. You have to remember that the Google AdWord policy is restrictive when it comes to crypto ads. In order to run ads, you need to be certified not only by Google but also by the country you operate in.

So what can you use for your DeFi project?

Establishing your social media presence

This is perhaps one of the most basic but often forgotten elements of DeFi project marketing. Open a social media account that you think your target market uses. Make sure that every piece of information about the project is there for any prospective visitor to your page.

Put the links to your whitepaper, litepaper, and website there. Insert some articles about your project. Here, most DeFi marketers utilize Medium as a way to publish blog posts and other articles about their initiative. Also, do not forget to include details that will help them reach out to you if they need to.

Build a Telegram crypto community

If you’ve already attracted enough eyeballs to your website or social media page and successfully converted some of them to become supporters of your project, this is the time to build your own community. Often asked is the question on how to promote through telegram crypto groups. This is simple.

Telegram is the go-to messaging platform of many online communities today. This is because it is secured by encryption, and is very effective in building communities. Create cryptocurrency groups in Telegram according to what you need for your project. Cultivate this community by keeping them updated about your recent developments, what your plans are, and others.

DeFi Marketing Services

Marketing your project can be incredibly difficult. This is especially because you’ll have to conduct your proper market research, hire talented people to help you create effective promotional materials, and many more. Even then, you still couldn’t be so sure about the successful conversions of your campaign. While you can do it on your own, getting in touch with DeFi marketing services that have better expertise in marketing and knowledge about the market will likely provide exponentially better results. Therefore, if you are serious about your DeFi project and have the budget for it, hiring an expert is your best and safest bet.

How to Promote DeFi projects with ICOSpeaks Marketing?

The new DeFi marketing services provided by the ICOSpeaks community is one of the best and easiest ways to reach the profile of investors you wish to target for your project. It also has a community of cryptocurrency users that can easily access the list of projects marketed by the platform. And in comparison with other projects, yours will definitely stand out more.

What’s worth mentioning is that ICOSpeaks is not just a marketing service. It is a community of cryptocurrency holders, traders, and investors, who are also on the constant look-out for good blockchain projects. If you need numbers, the ICOSpeaks News telegram channel alone has more than 267,000 subscribers.

ICOSpeaks features other telegram channels too, such as the BTC Champ and IEO Pools. They both consist of a different demographic of cryptocurrency traders that could fit what your project provides.

In choosing a package that best suits your marketing goal, you can select between bronze, silver, and gold options. All of these provide specific marketing strategies, ranging from a scheduled introduction of your project, hosted discussions on your initiative, and promotion to more cryptocurrency groups in Telegram.

For DeFi projects, there are also packages that are tailored-fit for your needs. From a consistent promotion of your project for a range of 7 to 14 days, PR campaigns on top 20 media websites, telegram advertisements on 205 groups, posts on ICOSpeaks News, and everything else you’ll need in order to tap the market that would help your project take off.


Building a quality DeFi project is only half the job. You also have to invest resources in promoting your work. But while it is a difficult task, a successful marketing campaign can secure notable growth for your protocol.

It will help significantly if you already have access to existing cryptocurrency communities. That is why looking for marketing services that give you that option cuts the expenses you could potentially incur in failed promotional attempts. Exploring services such as ICOSpeaks Marketing is a sure-fire way to effectively expand the visibility of your project, an objective that any newly-launched DeFi platform needs.

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