How to Profit from CryptoHawk Token and ICO

So now you have invested in an ICO, but how do you make money from an ICO. One way to make money from an ICO is by investing in that ICO. When bitcoins emerged in 2010, the price rose above 1000% within 5 days. Over the years, the price of Bitcoins has slowly increased. Imagine that you are one of the early investors to invest in Bitcoins with just 1 BTC and watch the price increase from $0.008 to $6,000 in 7 days. Ethereum is another example of a token with remarkable interest capitalization. Ethereum started with a price Index of $US 2.83 per ether in August 2015.

There are many examples of ICOs similar to bitcoins or Ethereum that have shown tremendous potential for a significant ROI; An example is a crypto hawk. Tokenized digital assets are not different from the proliferation and the perceived growth and proliferation potentials that bitcoins pose. Profits that arise from ICO are categories in two different ways

Short term: This involves buying tokens during the main sale, and the presale right after the token has been listed on the exchange market. They are sold quickly, and profits are made. This type of investment creates opportunities for investors who did not hop in early on the token sales.

Long-term: some investors hold their tokens for a long time and wait until the potential of the project is attained. This provides an advantage to people that have the speculative inclination to bullish returns. Most investors hold onto their tokens. On a daily basis, traders have been able to realise huge profits from their trading activities due to market fluctuations.

The risks in ICO crowdfunding arise due to scammers, hack threats, jurisdictional barriers, and presence of scammers. The return of ICO far outweighs the uncertainties in the system.

In the crypto hawk platform, 25% of the total trading fees are paid to all hawk token owners. Depending on the investment, this is a substantial amount of money. This includes all the transactions that are conducted on the stock exchange. The Hawk token has a realistic appreciation value as it increases the invested capital significantly.

The value of the hawk token will increase as a result of the increased trading fees. This will result in monthly dividends for investors due to the 25% profit distribution that will increase the demands for the hawk token.

There are several investment levels in the platform

The first level is from $250. You get 3 months with no trading fees and 1 voting rights.

The Second level is from $500. You get 9 months with no trading fees and 2 voting rights.

The third Level is from $ 1,200. You get 18 months with no trading fees and 3 voting rights.

The fourth level is from $3,500. You get 5 years of trading fees and 4 voting rights

The fifth level is from $8,000. You get 10 years with no trading fees and 5 voting rights

The sixth level is from $20,000. You get 15 years with no trading fees and 10 voting rights

The seventh level is from $50,000.  You get unlimited years with no trading fees and 20 voting rights.

How often is the profit sharing paid out?

The profit will be distributed to the Crypto Hawk account on a monthly basis at the beginning of the following month. You can choose between the currencies USD, EUR or CHF. The balance on the Crypto Hawk account can be paid out at any time.

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