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Save Money this Holiday Season, how to Prevent Increasing Credit Card Debt after this Holidays

The Christmas Holidays is here, just like other holiday periods like, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or one of the many other major holidays throughout the year. It’s easy to increase credit card debt just to make sure that your holiday is perfect. We want to get that special someone the gifts they deserve, to bring our parents out for dinner, and to have plenty under the tree at Christmas, but at what cost? These are some simple ways to avoid increasing debt around the holidays so you don’t spend the New Year just trying to recover.

Hide the credit cards and leave them in another wallet

It’s easy to do: you’re out with friends, you pass by a store that you have a credit card for, and you say to yourself, “well, I did want to get a new shirt” so you take your card and you go and get it. You can easily resist the temptation by leaving those cards at home in a different wallet, purse, or drawer, and you should only bring your bank cards and cash with you to avoid taking that chance. It’s convenient to keep a stack of those unnecessary credit cards next to your wallet – this way if you need them you know where to find them, but they won’t be in your wallet at all times. Your purse and bank account will thank you.

Plan out how to tackle existing debt

It doesn’t require a huge notebook or countless Excel spreadsheets to make a battle plan for tackling your existing credit card debt. It is as easy as writing down dates on a calendar that spell out when you get paid and when bills are due. If you really aren’t able to manage on your own, it never hurts to consult a friend or a professional to get some extra advice. For more advice, check out

Plan for the holidays ahead of time

Christmas, birthdays and other major gift-giving events are pretty easy to plan for. For Christmas, many people find themselves getting gifts during the summer and holding onto them for months. Instead of waiting until Black Friday and fighting the crowds (or online traffic) take charge and start during the summer, so you slowly but surely have a good amount of gifts to give come December, with only timely or last-minute gifts to get. Valentine’s Day is another easy one to procrastinate for – your loved one deserves better than only being remembered two hours before your big date! Start planning that amazing day in January and give them the night they deserve.

Stop window shopping and get offline!

One of the dangers of the internet is how easy it is to find things to buy that you really don’t need. Going on Amazon will lead to games, clothing, and random accessories that aren’t that relevant to your interests – even if they are at a really good price. Finding things “you never knew you needed” only happens when you browse without purpose, so only plan to buy things that you are sure are relevant!

However you wish to spend your Christmas Holiday, we all at Techbullion wish you, your family and friends a Happy Holidays and a Debt free New Year.

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