How to play Zeus in Dota 2

How to play Zeus in Dota 2

In DotA 2, Zeus is one of the easiest yet most powerful heroes. All of his abilities are very easy to understand, even for a new player.

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Zeus is most suitable as a midlaner or a support. The skill build will vary depending on your choice of playstyle. In this guide, I will explain and teach you how to use all his abilities so that you can decide on your own skill build.

Zeus Abilities

Arc Lightning

Arc lightning is a chain lightning spell that will bounce from one unit to another. It does percentage-based damage, allowing it to scale really well throughout the game.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is Zeus’ main damaging ability. Call down lightning from the skies on an enemy unit, dealing heavy magic damage. This ability also applies a mini-stun to the enemy and reveals everything around the lightning (true sight).

Heavenly Jump

This is Zeus’ escape or engaging ability. Zeus jumps 500 units towards the side he is facing, shocks the closest enemy, and slows their movement speed by 80% and attack speed by 100.

Thundergod’s Wrath

This is Zeus’ ultimate ability. Activate the spell to strike every enemy hero on the map. This is a global spell that effects the enemy no matter where they are. It also provides true-sight and reveals all enemies’ positions.


You need to buy an aghanim’s specter to unlock this ability. You can place a storm cloud anywhere on the map. It will cast your second active spell, Lightning Bolt, every 2.5 seconds. It has the same properties as the Lightning Bolt: true-sight and mini-stun.

Lightning Hands

Buy an aghanim’s shard to unlock this new ability. Zeus will now have an extra 100 attack range, and all his attacks will automatically cast Arc Lightnings. Does only 50% of the Arc Lightning ability’s damage.

few tips to follow when playing Zeus

Use arc lightning for last-hitting. Arc Lightning has a fairly low cooldown and mana cost, so use it during the laning phase for last-hitting. This chain lightning will also hit the enemy hero in your lane, forcing him to back off and miss his last-hits.

If you remember from this guide, Lightning Bolt provides true-sight. It will not only reveal invisible heroes but will also reveal enemy wards. Use this ability on the most common ward spots and deward them.

Nimbus has the ability to mini-stun; use it to cancel channeling spells and teleports of the enemy.

Always keep an eye on the mini-map and listen to your teammate’s call. Since you have a global ultimate, you can damage the enemy from anywhere on the map. Whenever you see an enemy with critical HP or whenever your team calls for your ultimate, use it and secure the kill.

Buying an aghanim’s shard on Zeus depends upon your playstyle. If you play him as a spellcaster, you should rather invest in aghanim’s scepter.

Shard is a good item when you go for a more hybrid attack speed build, for example: orchid, manta-style, dragon-lance, etc. Your images created by manta-style will also have the shard’s effect.

Did you enjoy our guide? Learn more about Dota 2 heroes and guides, and keep getting better at the game!

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