How to play Suika Game on PC/Mobile in 2024

Suika game

Suika Game is a lighthearted physics game that first appeared in 2021. It has recently become quite popular, especially in Japan and on Twitch.  

About Suika game

 Suika Game, often known as the Watermelon Game in English, is a fun mash-up of 2048 and Tetris with a dash of physics-based excitement. Your goal in this engaging game is to drop a variety of fruits into a container. When two matched fruits collide, they cleverly merge to make a larger fruit. The ultimate goal is to obtain the coveted final fruit, the renowned Watermelon, or simply to keep playing until the fruit stack reaches the container’s brim. 

Types of fruits

Suika Watermelon Game features a delicious variety of fruits, each with distinct qualities of its own. Players will be mesmerized by the lovely graphics and the simple joy of combining mechanics, from the sweet Cherries to the majestic Watermelons. The fruit order is as follows: 

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Grapes
  • Dekopon (an assortment of orange)
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Melon
  • Watermelon

The orange, which is the fifth largest fruit, is the largest piece that will be offered to you.

Japanese game Suika game’s viral success

Two years after its initial release, Suika Watermelon Game saw an incredible spike in popularity in September 2023. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of broadcasters and content creators who emphasized the game’s unique gameplay and physics-based difficulties, The Watermelon Game became extremely popular throughout the world. Well-known individuals, including well-known VTubers from Japan and well-known musicians like Ado, supported the game, which greatly added to its positive reviews. Millions of hours of Suika Game video were seen each month on platforms like Twitch, which saw an incredible increase in viewership.

Tips for Suika game 

The game seems rather easy, but getting the desired Watermelon is really difficult. Luck plays a significant role in Suika game, as with many similar games, so keep that in mind while you apply all of these methods and tips! Make every effort to surpass a score of 3,000, which calls for a watermelon along with a few other larger combinations. The tips are as follows: 

Avoid blocking smaller fruits with bigger ones 

In the Suika Game, one of the most annoying things to happen is when you accidentally block two fruits from touching with a little fruit, such as a cherry or strawberry. There are several strategies you may use to lessen the likelihood that it will happen, but sometimes it’s just the way the fruits fall. 

Considering that occasionally you’re just dealt bad luck when it comes to the next fruit, this seems simpler in theory than it is in reality. Try your hardest to keep little fruit from falling between the gaps. 

Take your time

While you’re dumping fruit, don’t feel like you have to rush to finish. There are several benefits to waiting sometimes, the main one being that it gives the board time to settle and gives you time to plan your next move. Avoid making the mistake of dropping a fruit in the wrong place when rushing and forgetting to check the position of your cursor. Pay attention to the upper part of the screen. 

When two fruits are almost touching, they might merge on their own without your intervention. Let them settle together as you would expect, and give it a moment. Though generally speaking, this is better advise, there are times when it’s beneficial to rapidly drop another fruit to prevent your board from settling in an inconvenient fashion (such as a small fruit squeezing in between two huge fruit).

 Having said that, if you notice that a fruit Is settling, you could wish to drop a matching one to avoid confusion and burying smaller fruit. Pay attention to how objects are “settling” or “sinking” in your path. Act quickly to line up the approaching fruit with the goals before you miss an opportunity, perhaps permanently.

Games physics

 Fruit will shift because the weight of the fruit on top will push down on the fruit below. In order to be sure your next piece won’t inadvertently get covered as things move around, you need usually wait for things to settle before dropping it.

A fruit that Is angled too sharply may fall or induce another fruit it touches to fall in one direction or another, for example, obstructing a pocket of smaller fruit. Take  moment to think and consider how things will proceed with your next placement; occasionally, this can work to your benefit.

Line up fruits 

In order to blend the fruit that are next to each other as they evolve, it is usually advised to arrange the fruit from smallest to largest from left to right. Additionally, this should encourage the largest fruit to be created in the far corner first, conserving considerably more room than if it were made in the middle. 

If the fruit are first knocked out of order, don’t panic; you can always use another fruit to get them back in order, at least while they’re still on the ground floor.

When you stack your fruit, attempt to avoid creating a sharp incline. This makes it challenging to plant new fruits precisely because it’s uncertain where they’ll land if they roll over. Take extra care while placing your cherries and consider the impact on them as you arrange the others. This could result in the game ending if they become lodged between bigger fruits.

For Suika Game, there are a ton of strategies and recommendations available. Experiment and find what works best for you to reach 3,000+ points.

Play Suika Game PC

You’re in luck if you’re excited to explore the Suika Game universe without having to invest any money. For PC lovers, the game is easily accessible in a browser. Just visit to get started and start having fun with free games.

It’s Important to note that Suika Watermelon Game’s free PC version provides a little different experience than its Nintendo Store equivalent. The main differences are shown below:

  • Physics Difference: There are a few minor differences between the Nintendo Store and browser versions’ physics.
  • Fruit Aesthetics: Unlike the main version, all of the fruits in the browser edition are perfectly round.
  • Next Fruit Preview: The browser edition of the game does not offer a preview of the next fruit that will be dropped, in contrast to the main version.

Suika game is a fun addictive game which is relaxing to play, entertaining for the whole family, and a fantastic addition to your collection of video games. 


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