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How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving (iOS 17 Supported)


It can be tiresome to catch Pokemon with continuous physical movement. You may have limited access to rare Pokemon stops in your region and limited time to go out for various reasons. Using the right tool, you can easily play Pokemon Go without moving. With a simple click, you can teleport the character to the GPS location of your choice.

This complete guide will help you learn the installation steps of the best tool for playing Pokemon Go without moving. You will be able to virtually travel to any location to get access to rare Pokemon. This tool will help you improve your gameplay without breaking a sweat. 

Is It Possible to Play Pokemon GO without Moving

Absolutely! You can move in Pokemon Go without moving. The game relies on your GPS location for the movement. Pokemon Go location spoofer can change the GPS location of your device to any location of your choice. So, the game will think you have moved to a new location despite no physical movement.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving

You can use the UltFone location changer iOS App. It is a reliable app that doesn’t require jailbreaking your device. It offers joystick, single-spot, and multi-spot movement for an immersive gaming experience. Moving virtually to the locations is a piece of cake, as you have both options of searching and selecting from the map. You can control the speed of the virtual movement so that your gameplay looks natural. It provides a safer way and reduces the risk of an account ban.

How to Install UltFone location changer iOS app?

Here are the steps to install UltFone location changer iOS App to play Pokemon Go at home.

Step 1: Download and install the UltFone iOS Assistant on your PC. Open the app and log in to your Apple account.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device via the USB cable. Then, click the install button and tap ‘Trust’ on your iPhone.

Step 3: Finally, the installation is complete. You need to trust the app with the steps in the screenshot, and you are set to play Pokemon Go without walking.

Steps to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS

Here are the easy steps to walk in Pokemon Go without moving.

Step 1: Open the app on your iOS device. Then, type your desired location on the search bar or choose it from the map. Tap the first button in the bottom right of your screen to change your location.

Step 2: You can set the speed of the movement using the slider at the bottom. Then, tap the second button at the bottom right to start the movement.

Step 3: The app also supports multi-spot movement. You can search or select the spots and move at the speed of your choice. Feel free to change the speed, take breaks, and stop the movement.

Step 4: You can freely move in 360 direction with the Joystick movement. Tap the triangular button to start the movement and the exit button to stop.

FAQs about How to Play Pokemon GO without Moving

1. How do you play Pokemon Go when you can’t move?

You can play Pokemon Go without moving by using a location spoofing tool like the UltFone location changer iOS app. You can easily fake your GPS location and move around the game without physically walking. It will help you enjoy the game if you have mobility limitations or are not feeling well.

2. Is spoofing in Pokemon Go illegal?

No, it’s not illegal, but using unreliable apps can result in a ban. Niantic has made the rules, and the game monitors your movement. 

3. How to get a joystick in Pokemon Go?

You can get a joystick with the UltFone location changer iOS App or iAnyGo iOS App. Joystick provides you with the freedom of movement in any direction for the Pokemon Go walking hack.

4. What not to do when spoofing Pokemon Go?

Avoid changing your location frequently and use the cooldown time feature that minimizes your chances of detection. Also, do not use an untrusted Pokemon Go location spoofer.

Final Words

UltFone location changer iOS App allows you to teleport to any location and simulate movement without actually walking. Thus, you can overcome the limitation of living in a rural or low-density area by playing Pokemon Go without moving. Get ready to explore the virtual world and enjoy participating in the various in-game activities that would not have been possible.

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