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How To Plan An Outdoor Event Using Pavilion and Event Marquees

Outdoor events are essential for businesses willing to showcase their products to customers and stakeholders alike. These events also allow brands to understand their customers better and appreciate their contribution towards brand-growth. So, it is extremely important to plan and prepare for an outdoor event well in advance.

One key accessory that has revolutionized outdoor events these days is the pavilion marquee. It comes with a set of unique advantages that can help make any outdoor event a success. In this article we will take a look at all the essential steps to planning an outdoor event. And, we will also see how event marquees can play a crucial role in outdoor events.

Things to look at while planning your event:

  1. Budget:

    How much do you plan to spend on your outdoor event? Do your math before you start spending money. Needless to say, it is unwise to stretch your budget too much.

  2. Event organizers:

    Are you planning to do all the heavy-lifting yourself, or is an event organizer doing it for you? Event organizers are a better option because they can make life easier for you. You can focus on your guests, while your event organizer looks into the nitty-gritties of the event.

  3. How many guests are you expecting?

    If you have a guest list, well and good. You know in advance how many people to cater to. But for large outdoor events, it is often difficult to keep track of visitors. Make sure you are prepared to handle a large crowd, if your event is a big one. Make sure you have all the necessary permissions from relevant authorities.

  4. The Event Marquee

This is one accessory that is key to the success of an outdoor event. They come with a bunch of advantages.

Ø  You are not restricted by space like in case of indoor venues.

Ø  You don’t have to wait in queue to book an indoor venue. With marquee tents you can turn an outdoor space into a fantastic venue that people love.

Ø  Marquee tents let you accommodate a large number of guests. You can add accessories like walls, windows, doors, curtains and flooring to give your tent the perfect indoor look.

Ø  They provide all the comforts of an indoor venue, albeit with the help of accessories we mentioned earlier.  

One ongoing debate is: should you hire an event marquee or buy one? We believe it is better to buy one instead of hiring. Why? Let’s understand.

Ø  Buying a custom marquee can actually cost you less when it comes to long events.

Ø  Hiring a marquee tent for long is costly. Besides, you may not be able to get it for as long as you want.

Ø  With hired accessories there is always the possibility of last-minute booking cancellations by the owner.

Ø  You can buy your very own branded marquee tent from manufacturers like Extreme Marquees, Australia. They will be happy to customize your tent with your specifications, which includes your brand logo and favorite colors.

 So you see! It’s always a good idea to have your own marquee tent.

  1. Make a statement

The objective of outdoor events is to leave a lasting impression. A sure-shot way to achieve that is by focusing on branding. You need your guests to associate with your brand. That means going for a custom printed marquee.

Take for instance the marquee tents manufactured by Extreme Marquees. Their Crest, Pavilion and Pinnacle series of marquees offer full customization options. These tents are manufactured from durable materials so that they last you a very long time.

You can have your tent in your favorite color. You can also have your brand logo printed on your accessory. Do you want a clear wall or a custom wall lining with your marquee tent? You can have that too! Customization options are aplenty. Just ask Extreme Marquees and they will be happy to oblige.

6.How’s your event space?

Ø  Is it safe enough to accommodate your guests?

Ø  Is the place easily accessible to your guests?

Ø  Does it have proper entry and exit areas?

Ø  What about fire safety measures? Pavilion marquees from Extreme Marquees are made from fire-retardant materials. For everything else, you better be extra cautious!  

Ø  Does the place have a stable electricity supply?

These are the all-important questions to ask before choosing your outdoor event space. If it ticks all the boxes, go for it.

  1. Keep an eye out for the weather

There’s no respite from inclement weather. But for light drizzles, hot summers and cold days, you can always rely on the safety and comfort that marquee tents provide.    


Outdoor events are a means to impress clients. Make your next outdoor event a grand success with the tips provided in this article. 





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